Unit 2

Depression and Destruction

In Unit 2, human history reached new lows of devastation, yet God’s amazing grace shone ever brighter! This unit covers the Great Depression years, the 1930’s, and the World War II era, the 1940’s. As with Unit 1, because we are aware of the heavy nature of these subjects, we have taken care to provide for younger students opportunity to study lighter and more grace-filled events of these decades: feats of heroism and inventions that blessed mankind are highlighted in this unit. Dialectic students will have a closer look at the hardships and horrors of these years than do their younger siblings. For rhetoric students, a focus on the character and styles of world leaders is maintained throughout, along with an analysis on the powerful ideas that moved people during this era. For all students, a steadfast insistence is maintained that, even in great darkness, God’s unstoppable plan goes forward.

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