Year 4 Worldview

  • Does your denomination send out missionaries to various areas of the world? Do a Google search for your own mission’s site and bookmark it. Then, each week, you can return to that site and pray for specific missionaries!
  • Blue Letter Bible: A wonderful study aid for teaching devotions or checking Hebrew and Greek words. Historical maps and artwork is also included!
  • Operation World website: excellent for praying daily for missions
  • The “Ism” Book: an online book for basic definitions that will help you in your worldview studies.
  • YWAM: missionary puzzles and coloring pages
Unit 1 – Casting Off the Moorings

Week 1: Dawn of the Twentieth Century

Do you understand these terms and remember these key people? If not, take some time to click and review!

Take some time to look up names with which you are not familiar. See if you can spot their position with regard to the terms listed above:

There have been outstanding people and events worldwide that must also be remembered in any quick review of the history of the Church to the beginning of the 20th Century:

Week 2: The Progressive Era

Week 3: Wilson’s Reforms & Europe’s War

  • Fanny Crosby: scroll down to find a list of songs she wrote. Listen to them online!

Week 4: Deadlock and Death

Week 5: America Mobilizes & Russia Revolts

Week 6: Winning the War & Losing the Peace

  • No links for this week.

Week 7: Postwar America

Week 8: America’s Roaring 20’s & Russia’s Stalin

Week 9: American Ballyhoo & Hitler’s Early Career

Unit 2 – Depression and Destruction

Week 10: Bull Market and Black Market

Week 11: Crash! The Great Depression in America

Week 12: FDR and the New Deal

Week 13: Aggression and Appeasement

Week 14: Blitzkrieg!

Week 15: World-Wide War

Week 16: Unconditional Surrender

Week 17: Hot War to Cold War

Week 18: A Jewish Homeland

Unit 3 – Conformity to Counterculture

Week 19: India’s Independence

Week 20: China’s Revolution

Week 21: Truman: Korea & the Red Scare

Week 22: Eisenhower’s Oasis

Week 23: Conformity and Change

Week 24: Kennedy’s New Frontiers

Week 25: Camelot and Crisis

Week 26: Johnson’s Great Society

Week 27: A Nation in Distress

Unit 4 – The Postmodern World

Supplement 13: Rhetoric Church History Options for Unit 4

Week 28: Nixon: Détente and Watergate

Week 29: Ford’s Integrity

Week 30: Carter’s Malaise

Week 31: Reagan’s Revolution

Week 32: G.H.W. Bush’s New World Order

Week 33: Clinton’s Lost Opportunity

Week 34: George W. Bush: War on Terror

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Week 35: Obama: Hope and Change?

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Week 36: Reflections and Revelation