Terms of Use

Shipping Policies

Physical orders can be shipped using a variety of USPS or UPS shipping options which should be visible for your selection in your cart at checkout.  Please open a ticket under the Help button if you do not see shipping options. PLEASE NOTE: If you choose Media Mail via USPS, please note that this option USUALLY arrives on time and undamaged, but we have had at least a few instances each year of lost packages, etc. If you suspect that your package has been lost, please open a help ticket immediately. Please also note that we will share responsibility for your package with the post office, but may not assume full responsibility for Media Mail items if the fault lies primarily with the post office.

If you have placed a digital order, there is of course no shipping involved: you should be able to download it immediately from Tapestry of Grace Online (TOGO) pages.

Processing Times for Physical Products:

  • DOWN SEASON: From late September to June 1, we try to process all physical orders within 5-7 business days.
  • HIGH SEASON: From June 1 to mid-September, we try to process all physical orders within 2-4 business days.

UPS Ground Shipping for United States (from WV)

To determine when your package will arrive in the US, add the processing time to the shipping time (see map below).

Returns and Damaged Products

At Lampstand Press, our goal has always been to give all of our customers the most “risk free” shopping experience we can. To this end, we provide samples so that you can “try before you buy” and make the best decision possible for your family.  Returning a product from Lampstand Press will depend on the product you ordered, so please read the information below carefully.

Returns of Items Purchased While on Sale

Discounted items of non-current copyright dates are not eligible for return.

Returns of Digital Products

  • If you have not downloaded your product, you are eligible for a refund up to 30 days from the date of your purchase.  Our website will show us exactly which products have been downloaded, how many times, by whom, and from which IP addresses, so we can readily verify whether a download has occurred.
  • We follow industry standard practices and do not accept returns of digital products after they have been downloaded, assuming the download was successful and the files were not corrupted.
  • Customers who can present clear evidence of failed downloads or corrupted digital files (including failure to watermark) are eligible to receive a replacement.  If that replacement is not downloaded with 30 days, it will be eligible for a return.

Returns of CD Products

  • If we have no record of selling your CD Product to you, we cannot take any responsibility for it.  We will not refund, replace, or otherwise handle any CD Products purchased from third parties.
  • Please open a ticket on the website Help button first if you think that you have been sent a defective CD by Lampstand Press. If we determine that the disc we sent you is defective, we will then ask you to ship it to us and will replace it at no charge to you.
  • We do not accept returns beyond 30 days of your ship date.
  • There is an automatic 10% restocking fee for returned CDs (except those that arrived at your home already damaged).
  • If CDs arrived at your home in working condition, but are returned to us in damaged condition, we cannot resell them and you will not be granted any refund.
  • All CDs typically have a limited life-span and, even if carefully cared for, may need to be replaced because of wear and tear.  Since there is no way to standardize or determine the level of reasonable care given our products that are delivered via CDs, we cannot be responsible for lost, damaged, or worn out discs.  You will need to repurchase any such CD products, except in cases where the CD arrived damaged and that damage was reported to us within 30 days of shipment.
  • As an alternative to repurchasing CD products, you may wish to consider purchasing a digital copy of the product.  The advantage of these is that they cannot be lost or worn out, and any defects found in them will be corrected as needed.

Returns of Printed Products

  • We do not accept returns beyond 30 days of your ship date.
  • There is an automatic 10% restocking fee because we will have to repackage the material.
  • If we receive your return in non-resalable condition, we will offer you two options:
    • A lower refund that will vary depending on how many pages we must reprint to make the product saleable.
    • Shipping your damaged product back to you at your expense.
  • Please note that the most common reason for a low refund is poor return packaging.  We recommend you follow these steps to ensure the best packaging possible, and therefore the highest rate of refund possible:
    • To return the opened unit/product, line up your loose leaf pages closely.
    • Wrap with saran wrap.
    • Place slightly oversized cardboard on the top and bottom of EACH UNIT/PRODUCT that you are returning, including the ones that are still in shrinkwrap.
    • Secure each sandwiched unit with saran wrap or heavy tape several times for protection.
    • Place product(s) in box. Secure them from jostling by completely filling the remaining space in the box with your choice of plastic bags, newspaper, peanuts, etc. Make sure all of the sides are covered for protection.
  • All decisions regarding returns are at the sole discretion of Lampstand Press.

NOTE: If you have received products from us that were damaged in transit, please let us know within five business days of receiving your product.  If you do, the damaged items will be replaced at our cost rather than yours.

Damaged or Incomplete Print Products

  • We will not replace missing or damaged pages of a product that is not recorded as having been purchased directly from Lampstand Press.
  • If you purchased your Print or Digital + Printout curriculum directly from Lampstand Press, we can replace your lost or damaged pages for a minimal fee so long as we still have the original files. Please open a ticket on our website’s Help button for current prices and availability.
  • You may also wish to consider purchasing the Digital module of your product so that you will always have access to the latest corrections and can reprint pages at any time.  For any given product that you own in Print, a Digital upgrade to Digital + Printout is available at a 40% discount of the usual Digital + Printout cost (available either as a coupon or as a gift certificate to the store).
    • Please open a ticket on our website’s Help button to begin the upgrade process and receive your 40% off coupon or gift certificate to the store.
    • You must turn in your Loom CD in order to upgrade.  Unfortunately we are unable to give exceptions to this rule unless you are an overseas missionary and the price for safely shipping this disc to us is prohibitive. If you wish us to exercise this exception, please indicate it in your ticket on the Help button.
    • Please be sure to read the policies surrounding Digital products carefully, since an upgrade from Print to Digital + Printout will mean that you can no longer sell your Print version of the product.  If your Print version is found in the hands of another party (after due process of investigation by Lampstand Press agents), your access to all Digital products through Lampstand Press will be revoked.
Copyright Policies

Print Products

  • If you are hoping to purchase a print version of a product that is currently available on our site only in digital, please contact us directly. We will do our best to help you get what you need!
  • A product that is advertised and sold as a Print product (not to be confused with a Digital plus Printout product) cannot be legally copied for use outside your immediate nuclear family, but it can be legally sold or given away with its Loom disc to a third party. See “Resale of Print Products” section below.  
  • From 2020 forward, it is no longer possible to purchase a Print copy of Integrated Tapestry of Grace (also called Tapestry of Grace Print Edition).  All Integrated Tapestry of Grace 2020 Edition (and later) products are available only in the Digital plus Printout format. 
  • Print year-plans purchased previous to that date, which were legally sold with Loom discs, may legally convey with Loom discs. They may also legally convey without Loom discs, provided the year plan is Print only (not part of Print + DE package), legally owned, and the omission of the Loom disc is clearly stated to prospective new owners. The new owner, if desiring a replacement copy of the Loom, must provide proof that the year plan is Print only (verified through a page copyright check), and may then purchase a replacement Loom disc for $50.
Upgrading Print Products

You can upgrade your Print product to a Digital product by filling out a form, paying a fee, and mailing your Loom disc to us with the form. You may elect to keep the printed part of your year plan for your personal use, but please note that it will henceforth be considered a Printout of a Digital product, and therefore cannot be given away or sold.

Resale of Print Products

Please be aware that if you sell or give away your Print year plan, you will no longer be able to upgrade to the Digital edition of that year plan.

Selling or giving away the printed part of a DE + Print package (whether originally purchased as a DE + Print package, or upgraded from Print to DE + Print at some later date) is strictly prohibited. Those printed pages are considered a Printout of your Digital product, and should not be resold.

If you legally own a Print year plan that has not been upgraded, you may sell or give it away with its Loom disc, which is required as proof that your Print year plan was not upgraded. If you bought your Print year plan legally and from us, but your Loom disc has been lost, please contact us for Loom replacement services ($50 to look up records, amend records, and issue a new disc).

Digital and Digital plus Printout Products

  • Digital products cannot be downloaded, copied, gifted, or resold outside your immediate nuclear family without explicit written permission from Lampstand Press.* 
  • A printout of a Digital product is considered part of that digital product, subject to all the same restrictions as a digital product, and should not be confused with a Print product.
  • If you are hoping to share your digital materials with a person who cannot afford to purchase Tapestry, please contact Lampstand Press or request that person to contact Lampstand Press.  We have scholarships available to put digital copies of our products in the hands of those who truly cannot afford them, but we must stress that it is not permitted to give another person or family access to your digital products rather than sending them to us.  This behavior, though we applaud its benevolent intent, will result in a revocation of your access to digital products (see Penalties section below).    

*If you belong to a group (whether co-op or school), you do have some special privileges with regard to sharing and printing.  Please see our Group Policies for more information on that point.

Penalties for Copyright Violations

  • Lampstand Press’s new website is well-equipped to track any violations of copyright policy with respect to both digital downloads and printouts of digital downloads.  It would be a mistake to assume that “no one will ever find out” about a theft of copyrighted materials.   
  • Failure to respect Lampstand’s copyright policies will result (after due process of investigation by Lampstand Press agents) in revocation of your access to all your digital products, regardless of which products were found to be in violation of copyright. 
  • Lampstand Press also reserves the right to maintain a publicly-viewable list of the names of copyright offenders on this Terms and Conditions page.
Group Policies

The general copyright principle with respect to Tapestry of Grace products is this: “If you don’t own it yourself, then you shouldn’t be using it.” Naturally, the application of that principle becomes more complicated in a group or private school environment. The policies listed below represent our best current and common-sense attempt to help groups navigate the fair use of Tapestry of Grace products. If you find any of these policies confusing, or would like to discuss an exception, a special case, or a new situation that these policies don’t seem to cover, please send us a message! We would be very glad to speak with you and try to find a solution for your particular situation.

  • For a Single Tapestry User teaching a group class: All copyright-compliant Tapestry users may teach Tapestry group classes, whether for free or for pay, whether online or in person, with the blessing of Lampstand Press, under the following conditions:
    • The teacher must own teacher materials for all student materials being taught from Tapestry of Grace products.
    • It is each Teacher’s responsibility to ensure that all members of the class (whether students, co-teachers, or teaching assistants) own copies of the appropriate student materials. If a group leader or teacher wishes to place a group print order, this is easily done by contacting Lampstand Press. If a group leader or teacher wishes to recommend digital products to group members, that can also be done, but the following rules should be observed carefully, as infractions will be discovered and investigated by Lampstand Press:  
      • No group leaders or teachers are permitted to purchase any TOG digital license product for any other member of their group outside their own nuclear family units. For example, they may not purchase a copy of the digital student pages and share content from those materials (either digitally or in print) with students not in their own families.*
      • Neither teachers nor group leaders may create accounts for group members on the Tapestry of Grace website or make purchases on behalf of group members from a group account.
      • If they choose to recommend digital purchasing to group members, it is strongly recommended (and may be required in cases where the legality of a group’s purchases has previously been in doubt) that group leaders demonstrate copyright compliance by providing a simple list of students in their classes for a given school year to Lampstand Press.  Lampstand Press will privately hold this list and tally it with Lampstand Press digital sales records.
      • It is also strongly recommended, but not required, that group leaders and teachers take advantage of Lampstand’s free Ordering Service to help streamline and simplify the digital ordering process for group members (Lampstand can create a customized single-link ordering process for group members, and, with a list of email addresses from the group leader, Lampstand can even arrange to have all digital documents emailed directly to the customers).
    • Printed student manuals or workbooks, or workbook pages, may only be resold if they were originally purchased in print.  Printouts of digital products purchased by a given member family may not be gifted, copied, shared, or sold outside of an individual family, but they may be copied and shared between siblings within an individual family.
    • Tapestry-using Teachers, whether alone, in a co-op, or in a private school, who are found to be operating a class in violation of copyright policy, will have their names added to a publicly displayed list of copyright violators.
  • For a Co-op or Private School: The policy for each teacher or assistant teacher in a Co-op or Private School is substantively the same as that for a single Tapestry class teacher.
  • Co-ops or Private Schools may own and provide their teachers with copies of the curriculum to use during a given school year, provided that the teacher does not retain use of the institution-owned copy after the time of teaching is complete.
  • Aside from those few pages (i.e. reading lists, a sample week, or a scope and sequence) that might be appropriate to share in the ordinary course of introducing families to their classes, co-ops and Private Schools may not share curriculum resources between teachers, between teachers and parents, or between students (except students in the same family).
    • In co-ops, private schools, or other groups, administrators and teachers may print materials for families and students from their curriculum as long as each family or student receiving the printout does own a digital copy of the product from which the materials are being printed.
    • In co-ops, private schools, or other groups, where it is not feasible to require each family to purchase digital products as part of their supply list, etc., you may contact Lampstand Press to arrange for a custom print order through us so that you may purchase print copies everything for your classes in-house rather than sending students or families in your group to purchase digital licenses. Please note, however, that you have not placed a custom order for print materials with us, then the families in your group must each purchase appropriate digital products. You may not purchase any digital products on their behalf or purchase a digital product to be owned by the school and reproduced for them.

NOTE: In cases where a family in true financial need wishes to participate in a group or private school education, we ask that teachers always contact Lampstand Press instead of assuming that it is acceptable to share resources with students who have not purchased the appropriate materials.  Lampstand Press has a Work-Study Program and scholarships set aside for benevolence and will be eager to help if possible, but does not tolerate copyright violations.  Please see our Copyright Policies page for more information about copyright violation and our scholarships program.

*Exception: a group leader or teacher may purchase a single set of Student Evaluations for use with all the students in a given class or learning level. Students in that group need not own individual copies of Student Evaluations to legally participate in test-taking within the group.

**Please remember that schools are not permitted to purchase digital student materials for student use.