Year Two

Welcome to Year 2! Please note that throughout TOGO we will use the following levels color legend:

NEW Booklist Tools

The Static Booklists: We have begun by posting Static Primary Booklists (for each Year, Level, and Subject) in the Loom sections of your Year pages.  Both Integrated and Spools owners will automatically be granted access to these lists: just sign into your account, select your year page, and scroll down to the Loom documents!  You can copy and paste from these PDF Booklists, and they include an ISBN number, Amazon link, and WorldCat Library link for each book!  Over the course of this winter, we will roll out Static Alternate Booklists for all four years in each Level and Subject to supplement your Static Primary Booklists. (These Static Alternate Booklists should also be especially useful for owners of older editions!)

The Dynamic Booklist: Our team is simultaneously working on 3,000+ book listings for the Shop, complete with the same ISBN numbers and links you will see on the Static Loom Booklists, so that you will have a Dynamic version of the Booklist to filter and browse according to year, unit, week, learning level, subject, TOG edition, and any other filter we can dream up! We will keep you posted on the progress of the Dynamic Booklist, but we didn’t want you to be surprised to see books appearing in the Shop over the next few months! Warning: Until the Dynamic Booklist is complete, we recommend using the Static Booklists on the Loom as your authoritative reference to all books used in your 2020-2021 Integrated or Spools editions, but feel free to browse the Dynamic Booklist and watch it grow!)

The Amazon Store: If you prefer not to use the booklists, you can find all the books available on Amazon grouped by Year, Level, and Subject at our Amazon Store.

Work-Study Program Reminder: Don’t forget that you can earn free curriculum and free curriculum upgrades through our Work-Study Program by sending book descriptions and reviews for the Dynamic Booklist. Openings are first-come, first-served until all books have been described and reviewed. After that, the opportunity will end, so be sure and open a ticket to ask about this!

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Tapestry University Resources

Scope, Sequence, and Supporting Links

Unit 1: The Middle Ages

Week 1: Twilight of the Western Roman Empire

Week 2: Byzantine Empire & the Eastern Orthodox Church

Week 3: Byzantine Empire & Rise of Islam

Week 4: The Making of Medieval Europe: Charlemagne

Week 5: Developments During the Viking Age

Week 6: Medieval Life: Feudalism

Week 7: The High Middle Ages

Week 8: The Mongols, Marco Polo, and the Far East

Week 9: The Reshaping of Medieval Europe

Week 10: Early Lights of the Reformation

Unit 2: Renaissance & Reformation

Week 11: Introduction to the Southern Renaissance

Week 12: The Southern Renaissance & the Early Explorers

Week 13: The Southern Renaissance & the Age of Exploration

Week 14: Spanish Dominion & the New World: Aztecs & Incas

Week 15: The Northern Renaissance & Its Scholars

Week 16: The Reformation: Martin Luther & the German States

Week 17: The Reformation in Switzerland, England, & Scandinavia

Week 18: Counter Reformation, French Huguenots, & the Netherlands

Week 19: Elizabethan England & the Scottish Reformation

Unit 3: Of Crowns & Colonies

Week 20: Early New World Colonies & Eastern Europe

Week 21: Puritans in New England

Week 22: Charters, Creeds, & the English Civil War

Week 23: Restoration Colonies & the Age of Louis XIV

Week 24: Dissenters in America & the Age of Reason

Week 25: Colonists & Native Americans

Week 26: Empires at Odds

Week 27: Thirteen Established Colonies

Unit 4: Age of Revolutions

Week 28: Shaping Influences on Colonial Culture

Week 29: French & Indian War

Week 30: Give Me Liberty!

Week 31: First Battles for Independence

Week 32: Waging the Revolutionary War

Week 33: America under the Articles of the Confederation

Week 34: Writing the Constitution

Week 35: Federal Republic & French Revolution

Week 36: Perilous Times: The Adams Administration