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Presentation Specialists

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– Marit Lunstad
– Biography

Marit holds a B.A. in Speech Communications and Psychology from St. Olaf College. She worked at a law firm in Tokyo and a financial firm in Minneapolis before leaving the business world to raise her four kids. Her husband, Andrew, is a serial entrepreneur in the tech world, giving her a front row seat to the wild world of startups. When her eldest was four years old, God called her family to homeschool. She struggled with self-confidence and fear of failure because her own education was in a California public school in the 1970-80’s. Both the Charlotte Mason method of education and the classical model interested her, and she tried out different co-ops and curriculums her first four years of homeschooling. When her eldest was finishing third grade, she realized that she needed a Chrisitan mentor to help her give her kids the education that she never received. She found that mentor in Marcia Somerville of Tapestry of Grace. Marit and Marcia have never talked, yet Marit learned from Marcia’s teachings, Tapestry’s scripted Socratic discussions, and the many other resources available with Tapestry of Grace. Marit has been a home educator for 17 years and has used Tapestry for 13 years. A year after starting Tapestry with her own family, she founded a Tapestry co-op with a friend and helped lead its growth from a small co-op in a home to a larger co-op in a church. She graduated three of her kids (colleges: Amherst, Vanderbilt, University of Northwestern, Harvard grad school) and still has one at home. She’s passionate about helping families educate their kids.

– Skills

Through her journey as a home-educator and co-op leader, she:

  • Evaluated other curricula and co-op options and chose Tapestry for her co-op.
  • Evaluated and chose additional curricula for the co-op (such as science and memory work).
  • Taught every Tapestry subject, both at home and in a co-op setting.
  • Has had years with a child in every Tapestry learning level in her own family.
  • Oversaw the policies and plans for launching her co-op’s high school program.
  • Helped a Tapestry student successfully take AP literature and history exams.
  • Helped Tapestry students with different learning abilities (ADHD, dyslexia, twice-exceptional, graphoria)
  • Helped Tapestry students apply to local, national, and Ivy League colleges.
  • Prayed without ceasing and trusted God’s faithfulness (1 Thessalonians 5:17 and 24)
– Contact

To set up an appointment with Marit, reach her:

By email:

By text:  651.274.3333

Groups and Group Leaders

Would you like to find a Tapestry co-op or start a Tapestry co-op?   These resources can help you get started:

  • For prospective Tapestry group leaders, consider contacting Presentation Specialist Marit Lunstad, a veteran Tapestry group leader who can help guide you through the process!
  • Also consider joining the Tapestry of Grace Group Leaders on Facebook!
  • For those seeking a Tapestry group to join “on the ground,” check out our Find a Friend map (COMING SOON). 
  • If a co-op “in the air” appeals more than one “on the ground,” visit our Forum (COMING SOON) or one of our Facebook groups here on the Community page. 
    • Especially in the Year One, Year 2, Year 3, and Year 4 Facebook groups, you will see group leaders soliciting new group members seasonally. 
    • If you don’t see any invitations to apply to an online co-op, you can create one of your own and see what happens!


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