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Would you like to find a Tapestry co-op or start a Tapestry co-op?   These resources can help you get started:

  • For prospective Tapestry group leaders, consider contacting Presentation Specialist Marit Lunstad, or consider joining the Tapestry of Grace Group Leaders on Facebook... or both!
  • For those seeking a Tapestry group to join, check out our Find a Friend map (COMING SOON) for local Tapestry users.  Or, if a co-op "in the air" appeals more than one "on the ground," visit our Forum (COMING SOON) or one of our Facebook groups here on the Community page.  Especially in the Year One, Year 2, Year 3, and Year 4 Facebook groups, you will see group leaders soliciting new group members seasonally.  If you don't see any invitations to apply to an online co-op, you can create one of your own and see what happens!

COMING SOON: Our Forum is a place where you can ask questions of our community, and it is also a treasure chest of great ideas and answers to questions that others have already asked.  If you are new to Tapestry, this is a place where you can browse and read and glean from those who have gone before you.  If you are an experienced Tapestry user, this is a place where you can give back to the Tapestry community by answering questions.

Visit one of our Facebook Groups and ask any question of our community.  This is a great place for ideas on how to customize Tapestry, ideas on how to get started using Tapestry, finding answers to questions, connecting with other Tapestry users, buying and selling used curriculum, connecting with other group leaders, etc.  Our main Facebook page has a list of all of the Tapestry groups:

Tapestry of Grace Primer

Tapestry of Grace Year 1

Tapestry of Grace Year 2

Tapestry of Grace Year 3

Tapestry of Grace Year 4

TOG Homeschooling Books and Used Curriculum

Literature Studies for Young Adults

Tapestry's Poetics

TOG Grammar Level Accountability

Tapestry of Grace Group Leaders

Writing Aids

COMING SOON: Our Blog has articles written by the authors of Tapestry and veteran Tapestry users. Most of these articles were written in response to frequently asked questions - they might be the exact questions that you have! You can search our blog for specific topics that interest you or you can simply browse and learn from people with years of experience and wisdom.

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