Year 3 Writing

  • Here’s a great site to bookmark for all your graphic organizing needs and questions. What is a Graphic Organizer?
  • If you would like to make personalized graphic organizers, click here.
  • Quia can be used as you are teaching or reviewing the parts of speech. You’ll find matching, concentration, flash cards, and a word search.
  • Or, click here for another grammar game.
  • Make online crossword puzzles here or here. These are great for reviewing vocabulary!
  • Daily Grammar. Excellent site!
  • At the right is a picture one of our users sent in of the sentence pocket suggested in Marcia’s introductory notes. Click on the picture to see all the details up very close!

SAT Preparation:

Writing College Admissions Essays

Evaluations and Rubrics:

  • Here is a great link for evaluating writing for grades 2-5. This is an interactive rubric for the student to use as a checklist.
  • Click here to evaluate writing for grades 6-8. Another great interactive student checklist!
  • Click here to develop rubrics automatically! Show your student his grading rubric (or better yet, have him develop one) before he starts his project or writing assignment!
Unit 1 – Napoleon’s World

Week 1: When John Adams Was President

Week 2: Napoleon: The Man and His Career

  • Levels 3-5: Your student may enjoy practicing combining words into sentences with this fun online activity.
  • Levels 4-5: Want to use level-appropriate sentences from the Bible for dictation? Click here.
  • Level 9: Transition words

Week 3: Early Industrial Revolution

Week 4: Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase

Week 5: Jefferson and the Supreme Court

Week 6: Madison and the War of 1812

Week 7: Reshaping Europe and South America

Week 8: South America in Transition

Week 9: Monroe and the American Hemisphere

Unit 2 – The Age of Industry & Expansion

Week 10: John Quincy Adams and Political Realignments

Week 11: Jacksonian Democracy

Week 12: Revolutions in Texas & Europe

Week 13: Victorian England

  • Level 1: Need more practice on capitalization or punctuation? Click here for more worksheets.
  • Levels 4-5: Cluster diagram (pdf file)
  • Level 6: Story map
  • Level 9: A few notes on writing your first draft.

Week 14: Victorians at Home and Abroad

Week 15: Manifest Destiny

Week 16: Sea to Shining Sea

Week 17: The Oregon Trail

Week 18: 1848: Gold Dust & Gunpowder

Unit 3 – Nations Uniting & Dividing

Week 19: Westerners in Asia

Week 20: Franklin Pierce & the Crimean War

Week 21: America Divides & Italy Unites

Week 22: Lincoln and the Start of the Civil War

Week 23: Decisive Years of the Civil War

Week 24: Closing Years of the Civil War

Week 25: Andrew Johnson vs. Radical Reconstruction

Week 26: Ulysses Grant & the Plains Indians Wars

Unit 4 – The Gilded Age

Week 27: Technological Progress & the Unification of Germany

  • Level 1: Cluster diagram (pdf file)
  • Level 2: Very simple story map (pdf file).
  • Level 2: Sample Aesop’s fables to print/show students before beginning their fables
  • Great site: all the Aesop’s Fables you’ll ever need! All ages, but supervision is recommended. (We’ve not previewed this entire site, and it seems that stories from other sources are also posted.)
  • Another source from which you can read/download/print a free copy of Aesop’s fables.

Week 28: Introducing Africa and Reforming Empires

Week 29: The Scramble for Empire

Week 30: Imperialism and Culture

Week 31: Waves of Immigrants

  • Level 1: Cluster diagram (pdf file)
  • Levels 3, 6, 8, and 10: For further helps on teaching your poetry unit, click here.

Week 32: Captains of Industry

  • Level 1: Cluster diagram (pdf file)
  • Level 4: Here is a cover that you can use for your state notebook. (pdf file)
  • Level 4: Click here for a ready-to-use Table of Contents for your notebook. (pdf file)

Week 33: Labor Issues and the New South

Week 34: Farmers, Populists, Gold Strikes and Gold Standards

  • No links for this week.

Week 35: Powerful Men and Inspiring Women

  • No links for this week.

Week 36: The Balkan Problem & American Imperialism

  • No links for this week.