Year 3 Geography

We suggest that you use a good world history atlas so that your students can have practice at the skill of using maps and legends. Click the link below for our recommendation. The next choice is to use the supporting links that you find here. Please only let your student look at the teacher map in Map Aids as a last resort.


Online Maps, Map Vendors, and More!

  • Euratlas
  • National Geographic: modern maps (source; printable) for every country in the world.
  • More great outline maps: easy to use and nice and clear!
  • Excellent link for all units! Click here for the Historic Atlas Resource.
  • An excellent site for reviewing geography. Click here and scroll down to “All of our Maps and Software”. Free downloadable games for each continent, includes capitals and where the country belongs!
  • Great historical map site.
  • Interactive Historic Atlas.
  • Creator has done a superb job making this site, which will be lots of help in all four year-plans.
  • MegaMaps: print up maps from the size of a single page to 7 feet across!
  • Imperial History of the Middle East: Who has conquered the Middle East over the course of world events? View this 90-second flash presentation!


  • Use this site as you are making your deck of state cards:
Unit 1 – Napoleon’s World

Week 1: When John Adams Was President

Week 2: Napoleon: The Man and His Career

Week 3: Early Industrial Revolution

Week 4: Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase

Week 5: Jefferson and the Supreme Court

  • There are no objectives this week.

Week 6: Madison and the War of 1812

Week 7: Reshaping Europe and South America

Week 8: South America in Transition

Week 9: Monroe and the American Hemisphere

Unit 2 – The Age of Industry & Expansion

Week 10: John Quincy Adams and Political Realignments

Week 11: Jacksonian Democracy

Week 12: Revolutions in Texas & Europe

Week 13: Victorian England

Week 14: Victorians at Home and Abroad

Week 15: Manifest Destiny

Week 16: Sea to Shining Sea

Week 17: The Oregon Trail

Week 18: 1848: Gold Dust & Gunpowder

Unit 3 – Nations Uniting & Dividing

Week 19: Westerners in Asia

  • Blank outline map of China
  • The same site at Enchanted Learning offers more information about China. Excellent!
  • All the outline maps, geographical information, and map labels you’ll need for a study of China.
  • Map of China
  • Map of Japan
  • Outline map of Japan
  • Pictures of China, Japan and India

Week 20: Franklin Pierce & the Crimean War

  • No links for this week.

Week 21: America Divides & Italy Unites

  • Very clear map showing slave and free states.
  • Blank outline map of the United States. This is a pdf file.
  • This is a really neat animated atlas that you can use anytime while studying the rest of this year-plan. Don’t miss it!

Week 22: Lincoln and the Start of the Civil War

Week 23: Decisive Years of the Civil War

  • No links for this week.

Week 24: Closing Years of the Civil War

  • No links for this week.

Week 25: Andrew Johnson vs. Radical Reconstruction

Week 26: Ulysses Grant & the Plains Indians Wars

Week 27: Technological Progress & the Unification of Germany

Unit 4 – The Gilded Age

General Resources for this Unit

Week 28: Introducing Africa and Reforming Empires

Week 29: The Scramble for Empire

Week 30: Imperialism and Culture

Week 31: Waves of Immigrants

Week 32: Captains of Industry

Week 33: Labor Issues and the New South

Week 34: Farmers, Populists, Gold Strikes and Gold Standards

Week 35: Powerful Men and Inspiring Women

Week 36: The Balkan Problem & American Imperialism