Tapestry Online

Welcome to the Tapestry Online experience!

We affectionately refer to this as TOGO, as in “Tapestry of Grace Online” or “Tapestry to go.” Whatever you call it, this is the dashboard interface designed to keep all your Lampstand Press purchases beautifully organized, accessible, and integrated. Enjoy!

If you’ve not yet learned about Tapestry of Grace products or our community of users, you may wish to visit the Explore Tapestry page before getting further into Tapestry Online. If you wonder how to navigate Tapestry Online, this is the place—click a cover to get started, or watch the navigation video below!

If you’d like to see free samples of all our products in Tapestry Online, please open an account and then try out the first three weeks of Year 1 (found on the Year 1, Unit 1 page). If you have trouble accessing anything, just open a ticket via the Help button in the lower-right hand corner for this page, and let us know!

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4

TOGO Navigation Video

Use this link to watch the TOGO navigation video!