Year 4 Arts & Activities

  • A user recommends watching “Fly me to the Moon”, an animated feature about three young flies that catch a ride on Apollo 13. Can be rented or found on Netflix.
  • Use this site for great pictures when making lapbooks.
  • A vast resource on 20th-Century Art. Click on General, Early, or Later 20th-Century Art.
  • This art history project book can be used in all four year-plans, as it goes through the 1980’s. There are 80 projects in this book entitled Great Studio Projects in Art History, and is written by William Reid. ISBN 0825138523
  • Here’s real help with Feast Nights: food timeline and recipes galore! Enjoy!
  • Lowe’s and Home Depot stores have kid’s workshops on selected Saturdays each month! They give the child a complete kit with all the materials needed to build a project. They set up worktables with hammers, wood glue, screw drivers, etc. They also give aprons and pins for completing the project. Call your local store for details!
  • Puzzlemaker: input a list of words and this site will generate crosswords, word searches, codes, etc.
  • Cookie Dough Recipe: A great alternative to salt dough maps
    • 2 c. smooth peanut butter
    • 2 1/2 c. powdered milk
    • 2 1/2 c. powdered sugar
    • 2 c. white corn syrup
  • Blue icing – lakes and oceans
  • Green sprinkles – plains
  • Clear sprinkles – deserts
  • Chocolate chips – mountains
  • Red candy strips – rivers
  • M&Ms – capitals
Unit 1 – Casting Off the Moorings

General Resources for this Unit

Week 1: Dawn of the Twentieth Century

Week 2: The Progressive Era

Week 3: Wilson’s Reforms & Europe’s War

Week 4: Deadlock and Death

Week 5: America Mobilizes & Russia Revolts

Week 6: Winning the War & Losing the Peace

Week 7: Postwar America

Week 8: America’s Roaring 20’s & Russia’s Stalin

Week 9: American Ballyhoo & Hitler’s Early Career

Unit 2 – Depression and Destruction

Week 10: Bull Market and Black Market

Week 11: Crash! The Great Depression in America

  • Stock Market Information from Nasdaq

Week 12: FDR and the New Deal

Week 13: Aggression and Appeasement

Week 14: Blitzkrieg!

Week 15: World-Wide War

Week 16: Unconditional Surrender

Week 17: Hot War to Cold War

Week 18: A Jewish Homeland

Unit 3 – Conformity to Counterculture

Week 19: India’s Independence

Week 20: China’s Revolution

Week 21: Truman: Korea & the Red Scare

Week 22: Eisenhower’s Oasis

Week 23: Conformity and Change

Week 24: Kennedy’s New Frontiers

Week 25: Camelot and Crisis

Week 26: Johnson’s Great Society

Week 27: A Nation in Distress

Unit 4 – The Postmodern World

Week 28: Nixon: Détente and Watergate

Week 29: Ford’s Integrity

Week 30: Carter’s Malaise

Week 31: Reagan’s Revolution

Week 32: G.H.W. Bush’s New World Order

Week 33: Clinton’s Lost Opportunity

Week 34: George W. Bush: War on Terror

  • For your mini-poster: George W. Bush
  • Crafts for your overview of Asia: Japan
  • Read about Edward Knippers here or here. (Beware of nudity in some artwork.)

Week 35: Obama: Hope and Change?

Week 36: Reflections and Revelation

  • Have fun playing games in which you put the Presidents in order: here or here.
  • Joel Sheesley
  • Makoto Fujimura
  • CIVA – Christians in the Visual Arts. Check out the kinds of exhibitions that this group sponsors, the artist directory for perspective art collectors