Year 1 History


  • You might want to start by having your oldest students read this selection on “How to Read a History Assignment.”
  • This classic, beloved game is now available to play for free! Play Oregon Trail online!
  • Another great game, also available and free to play! Play Amazon Trail online!
  • A Child’s History of the World for Year 1.
  • A real treasure: Study guide for the Holman Bible Atlas! This is a 69-page pdf download file.
  • The Story of Mankind by Hendrik Van Loon
  • Great site! You can look up words and make your own glossary. Input the words you want included and push send. You will get a professional looking glossary of all your words. Best of all IT IS FREE!
  • Highland Heritage has a number of resources you might love to use; however, there is no answer key for some of the literature helps.
  • Norton online quizzes – Western Literature
  • Judaism: all kinds of useful information. Pre-read before letting them loose, but wholesome for most children, I think.
  • If you and your children enjoy praying for different countries of the world, you will enjoy linking up with this page on Worldwide Missions. It contains statistics that give a clear picture of the prayer needs of various countries. Year 1 encourages you to lead your children in prayer for all Hindus and Buddhists. Look at this site to find those areas most in need!
  • The “Ism” book online. Basic definitions that will help you in your worldview studies.
  • Bible dictionary that you may find helpful during Year 1
  • A user recommends the NIV Archaeological Study Bible ISBN: 031092605X
  • Great Studio Projects in Art History by William Reid (ISBN 0825138523): This art history project book can be used in all four year-plans! There are 80 projects and the time period goes through the 1980’s.
  • Here’s real help with Feast Nights: food timeline and recipes galore! Enjoy!
  • Cookie Dough Recipe: A great alternative to salt dough maps.
  • Try Crayola’s Model Magic: a great lightweight soft modeling substance. It air-dries quickly, and after it’s dry, it can be sanded, painted, or decorated. Model magic can replace Fimo for most projects suggested in Tapestry.
  • Graphic Organizers on Tap: a fantastic resource for all of your graphic organizing needs.
  • If you would like to make personalized graphic organizers, click here.
  • This site can be for reviewing parts of speech. Activities include matching, concentration, flash cards, and a word search.
  • Click here for another grammar game.
  • Make online crossword puzzles here or here. These are great for reviewing vocabulary!
  • Daily Grammar Excellent site!
  • Online Writing Lab
  • Transition words for writing.
  • Great speech outline: .pdf file

Time Lines

Unit 1

Week 1: Curtain Rises on Egypt: Gift of the Nile

Week 2: Pharaohs & Pyramids

Week 3: Egyptian Polytheism & the Judgment of God

  • Read about Egyptian gods here.
  • See the article, “Why Did God Allow the Killing of All the Firstborn in Egypt?” for the correlation of each plague to an Egyptian god, plus more information on God’s judgment of Egypt.
  • Want to know more about Egyptian mythology? Look no further! Use images from this site to decorate writing projects, display boards, etc. Also great for art projects!
  • Egyptian Religion from Kidipede
  • Plagues versus Egyptian Gods: worksheet with teacher answers
  • This site includes games, recipes, and basic information for several Jewish holidays.

Week 4: Creation Through Noah

Week 5: Abraham & Ancient Mesopotamian Civilizations

Week 6: The Patriarchs: From Canaan to Egypt

Week 7: In The Wilderness: The Tabernacle & the Law

Week 8: In The Wilderness: Holiness – Worshipping God as God

Week 9: In The Wilderness: Slaves to Warriors

  • Hebrew for Christians
  • This site includes games, recipes, and basic information for several Jewish holidays.

Unit 2

Week 10: The Indus Valley, Hinduism, & Buddhism

Week 11: Ancient China: Confucius & Taoism

Week 12: Ancient Americas

Week 13: Early Greek Cultures of the Bronze Age

Week 14: Early Greek Cultures of the Archaic Period

Week 15: The Promised Land: Conquest & Settlement

Week 16: Israel’s Judges and Neighbors

Week 17: The Rise of Saul & the Philistines

Week 18: King David and the Phoenicians

Unit 3

Week 19: Solomon’s Divided Heart

Week 20: The Divided Kingdom

Week 21: The Assyrian Scourge: The Northern Kingdom Is Deported

Week 22: The Chaldeans (New Babylonians) and the Babylonian Captivity

Week 23: The Medes and Persians: The Israelites Return Home

Week 24: Persians and Greeks: The Persian Wars

Week 25: The Golden Age of Greece and the Peloponnesian Wars

Week 26: Greek Achievements: Science, Mathematics, and Philosophy

Week 27: Alexander the Great: Preparation for Proclamation

Unit 4

Week 28: The Etruscans and the Founding of Rome

Week 29: The Roman Republic: Everyday Life

Week 30: The Roman Republic Expands: The Punic Wars

Week 31: From Republic to Empire

Week 32: Imperial Rome: Backdrop to the Atonement

Week 33: The Zenith of Imperial Rome: Backdrop to the Early Church

Week 34: Rome Decays: Saints and Martyrs of the Early Church

Week 35: Christianity Conquers Rome: Of Church Hierarchies

Week 36: Western Rome Falls: Theology and Church Councils