2024 Summer Corrections Chart

Year One: All Levels

Integrated & Spools Updates
Year 1

All four Integrated Units and all Workbook content has been updated to remove Supporting Links language and include Booklist/Amazon Store information

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Website Reorganization
Year 1

Website Reorganization has been completed for Year 1. You can now visit all Year 1 content via either the old system or the new system!

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Final Version of Warp
Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Current News

Feature News from the latest newsletters

Tips and Tricks

Primary Sources for Eyewitness History: I found an interesting website full of eyewitness accounts from various moments in history.  I don’t want to share it directly to the Online Warp because it is the kind of site that parents or teachers should preview first, but I was quite excited to stumble across it, and I look forward to using many of these tidbits in upcoming products!  Let me give you just one morsel from the site—did you know Michelangelo spend so much time staring at the Pope’s Sistine Chapel ceiling (over the course of twenty months of work) that it took his eyes a while afterwards to adjust to reading letters, etc., while looking down at them?  Crazy!  If this sounds like a site you can use, please have a look!  

No Red Ink: I also wanted to tell you about one of my favorite free language arts sites: No Red Ink.  I use this all the time with various students to practice English grammar.  If you want to use history-based grammar that is designed to go with Tapestry of Grace, I’d invite you to consider Tapestry’s English Grammar program, but if you are just looking for a little free practice, No Red Ink is my favorite go-to for that kind of help.       
Production Calendar Updates: State of the Next Edition

As you know, we release very little information about the design or features of upcoming editions or products in advance, and we only set “prayerful plan” release dates.  We do these things because so many changes occur during the design, production, and beta testing phases, and we don’t want to raise expectations or make promises that we can’t keep!   

The next edition of Tapestry, in particular, has been such a wild ride that we no longer feel comfortable about setting a definite release date.  First we thought it would be 2023, and then we thought 2024, and now we don’t feel comfortable about picking a date at all!  We can tell you, however, what we have accomplished so far:We spent six months re-evaluating the content, format, and organization of every product we have, incorporating all the feedback we have received about how our community actually uses Tapestry, and identifying all the areas where we need to update or even completely rework content (for example, there is plenty to create or rework at the LG and UG levels across all subjects).  We then designed new content organization, formatting, fonts, headers, covers, etc.

 I asked our founding author, Marcia Somerville, for advice about what to tackle first.  She recommended we begin by producing Warp.  After all, it is hard to incorporate new spine books into the next edition if those spine books aren’t written yet, and the new spine books also help to stabilize the booklist for the current edition as books go out of print!  This approach benefits everybody.  Accordingly, we’ve spent the last six months producing the first half of two versions of Warp (web-based text and digital PDF), and we expect to spend the next six months finishing the Warp project.

 We got early feedback from the Warp and realized 1) it is worked even better than we hoped!  It is tremendously improving our community’s experience of Tapestry at the Dialectic and Rhetoric levels for History, and 2) Our next step should probably be producing the Weft readers so that parents and students in the lower levels (Lower Grammar and Upper Grammar) can enjoy the same benefits that D and R students and parents are experiencing.  We have rough drafts of some Weft readers now, and will beta-testing them with three large groups (one co-op and two schools, one of which is Lucerna Academy) over the next year.  

I especially like this direction because our general aim is to improve our current customers’ lives with Tapestry first, then think about what we can do for newcomers.  Our current users are delighted with Warp, and these new Warp spine books are also stabilizing our current (2020) edition’s booklist so that there is far less urgent need for a new edition.  We can take our time and get the new edition right.

We also learned another lesson from our progress thus far.  After spending six months evaluating the our current Tapestry products from the ground up and making improvements to the design for the next edition, we realized that the next edition will be about as different to Redesigned as Redesigned was to Classic, so we decided to give the next edition its own name: “Next Generation.”

Next Generation products will be available in all three of the formats we have established: Stitches, Spools, and Integrated.  We realized that, since we have three different versions of the same content to produce, we can begin with the smallest units that don’t have to wait on other units for publication.  Thus, as we complete the smallest stand-alone units (Stitches), we can knit them together into year-long subjects for each level (Spools).  When we have finished all the Spools, we will be in a position to put together Integrated.

Therefore, our prayerful production plan (always subject to change) is to keep working along at Next Generation products and releasing them as we complete them, moving from Stitches to Integrated.  It is likely (but not definite!) that this will take the following shape:Finishing up the Online Warp and the Digital Warp (both designed for Dialectic and Rhetoric levels), then finalizing the Weft Readers (Lower Grammar and Upper Grammar) so that we keep producing strong spine book options and replacements for any books that might go out of print in History and related subjects. Continuing to improve and add to our Booklists and reading assignment options for Living Books.    

1. Producing Next Generation Stitches as we complete them.

2. Producing Next Generation Spools as we complete enough Stitches to create full Spools.

3. Gathering together all the Next Generation Spools into the Next Generation Integrated.

I hope this news will come as a breath of fresh air to our current customers who are feeling a bit giddy from all the changes of the last few years.  We have been thinking about you too as we set our production schedule, and we hope that slowing down the production train will give you some room to relax and (if you wish) become more familiar with the changes that have already been made. 

To our whole community, I admit that we have a rather unusual attitude about selling our latest products. . . . You see, we’re not interested in making sure you buy the “latest and greatest” thing we’ve made.  We don’t even want you to know what the latest thing is unless it will clearly benefit you in some way!  We are not interested in keeping you close to us so that you can keep giving us money; we’d much rather youdon’t buy new products from us unless it’s absolutely right for you.  

Therefore, we hope you know that we don’t expect you to keep up with any changes unless you yourselves desire it—you are always free to download your curriculum, buy your books, and never tune in again!
2024 Corrections Season: Booklists and Links in Integrated Units 

Booklists: If you have been following the story of the Warp, you know we are excited about these new Spine Books, but we also don’t want them to undermine our Living Books.  Therefore, we will continue to show our commitment to Living Books by investing in continued development of the Booklists and other Reading Assignment Chart plans and improvements. 

Last year, we had feedback from several of you who asked us to put the books produced by Tapestry (e.g. Poetics, Literary Toolbox, Shorter Works Anthology, and Key Documents in Government Studies) on the booklist.  You made a good point!  We have updated the Dialectic and Rhetoric booklists to include these, and we have also included a page at the beginning of the Dialectic and Rhetoric booklists (and in the footnotes) to explain how the Warp can be used to replace various books that may be expensive or hard to find.  We hope these notes will help you navigate your choices and save money!

The new Dialectic and Rhetoric booklists are now on the Year pages among your Loom documents, exactly where they were before and with the same titles.  Please feel free to download these updated versions now for next year’s book shopping!

Links in Integrated Units: For this 2024 corrections season, now that the new website is more definitely settled and has proven it functions well in its current form over a full school year, we are also correcting all of our Integrated Tapestry units (sixteen units across four year plans) to update their “dud” links.  We will remove obsolete links, add links to the Amazon store and to stable pages on our website, and generally make sure that the links in the units are working! 

We hope to finish this project by May 1, but that is a tentative date, and we will keep you posted about our actual progress.  Meanwhile, if you care about the links listed in your printed Integrated units, we encourage you not to print for next year until after you have received the news from us that the Integrated units have been successfully corrected and re-posted!
What To Do With Supporting Links Pages? 

I am looking for a bit of feedback about the future of the Supporting Links pages.  First, a brief recap: as you may or may not be aware, Supporting Links have long been a project that we carry out in partnership with our Tapestry community.  In theory, you let us know when links have gone bad, and you send us new links you find that are suitable and useful.  We quickly double-check the links you have already spent hours vetting to make sure they are universally suitable before posting them, and we also remove bad links as you tell us about them, and we keep the pages organized.  In theory, both you and we do this work for free so that all may benefit.

Unfortunately, “in theory” is not the same as “in practice.”  In practice, we have received many notices of “bad links” over the last few years (thank you!), but very few “new links” contributions.  As a result, the Supporting Links pages have dwindled in quality over time. 

We have been happy to host the Supporting Links pages for free and also donate a modest amount of our staff time to maintaining them in the way I described above.  However, since we have no income stream from the Supporting Links pages, we don’t have a budget to spend on looking for and vetting brand-new links ourselves (a process that requires many hours of work because all videos and sites have to be checked exhaustively for objectionable content). 

My question, therefore, is this: do you want to keep the Supporting Links pages around, and will you commit to keeping them going by sending us new links as well as notices of bad links?  If even thirty or forty people in our community of thousands committed to send in at least one new link (thoroughly checked in advance) each year, our Supporting Links pages would soon look much healthier!  If you would like to commit to this, please write to us and tell us so!   

We will be happy to keep the Supporting Links if they are still of value to a reasonable number of our community; however, if we do not get a reasonable number of committed volunteers, we will shut the Supporting Links pages down rather than continuing to invest in a project that is not beneficial to Tapestry users as a whole, and that may prove a disappointment to some.  If we do decide to shut the Supporting Links down, we will give you plenty of advance warning so that you can copy the links you care about from our pages before they vanish! 

Sales and Deals
30% Off Print Primer Package

Many have asked, “Does it make any sense to buy Primer this year if I plan to buy the new edition of Tapestry of Grace for my Lower Grammar students in the future?”  Our best answer so far is “Yes, we think so.”  The next edition will offer products that cover many different aspects of the existing Primer (parent-level overview of history for each week, student-level activities for each week, reading lists, topical threads, etc.), but it will also quadruple the amount of material found in Primer from 36 weeks to 144 weeks.  Therefore, if you choose to try Primer this year, you will still receive a good sampler of Tapestry of Grace topics at Lower Grammar levels, plus an introduction to Tapestry learning rhythms.  To make this easier on your budget, we are doing a big sale on our remaining Print Primer packages.  We have about 100 copies left, and when the printed books are gone, this sale is over!  (NOTE: You will still be able to purchase Digital Primer packages right up until the release of the next edition.)

60% Off Dialectic Literature Stitches

This sale is designed to make it easy for you to purchase any complete year of Dialectic Literature Stitches for the same price you would pay to buy Year 1 Literature Studies for Young Adults product. This sale will be good until the Next Generation Dialectic Literature Spools are released.

General Reminders
  • Printout Options: Since summer of 2023, we have been thinking about printing options as ink and papers prices continue to climb.  Unfortunately, despite exploring and pricing a variety of options, we find there are no solutions that would allow us to keep our current prices as they are.  Also, it turns out that only a small fraction of our customers are ordering printouts. Therefore, we have decided to pause our printing options for the 2024 season and work directly with our customers to find the least expensive solutions for them. We have also formed an agreement with Humble Heart Press, a printing solution by homeschoolers and for homeschoolers, so that our customers can be sure of at least one high-quality option for their printout needs.  If you would like to learn more about them or discuss printing options with us, please open a ticket on our website and let us know! 
  • Booklists: You can find our Booklists on your Loom if you have already purchased, but if you are just browsing, you can find all the books available on Amazon grouped by Year, Level, and Subject at our Amazon Store.

  • Paying with a Credit Card: We have added an article to our Knowledge Base to help guide you through the process of paying for Tapestry products with a credit card or debit card! 
  • Phone Options: Please contact us using the small yellow “Help” button in the bottom right corner of any page on our website.  There, you can now open a ticket to schedule a phone call or even an online meeting!  
  • Work/Study Program: If you have skills that we can use, and are able to offer sufficient time to offset the investment of training, we would be delighted to consider an exchange of brand-new curriculum for labor.  (For any in need who cannot offer labor, please know that we continue to offer our Scholarship Program just as before!)  You can use this program to earn any product we sell, including upgrades to the next edition.  At present, we are actively seeking book reviews.  Here are a few examples that we received recently from members of our TOG community:
    • God King by Joanne Williamson:Daughter’s reason: “The book taught about friendship no matter how different the people were; it was suspenseful; and Taharka set aside his godly position and rescued the man from the crocodile and then that man ended up saving Taharka in the end by acknowledging that he was the real god king.”Mom’s reason: I thoroughly enjoy the fictional approach to teaching history for this age. It was very easy to engage her attention (and keep it!) and we actually finished the book before scheduled because neither of us could wait to know what happened next! I also really value Williamson’s level of detail and care to historical facts and features of the time. The story helps us truly imagine what life may have been like for the different characters and their class status. Very well written!
    • Twice Freed by Patricia St John: We just finished reading this book in our Upper Grammar Literature class. Such a great book to discuss with upper grammar students. Not only does the book help connect the book of Acts to life under Roman rule, but it also has so much you can discuss about the characters’ thoughts and actions. The book highlights themes of freedom and forgiveness and helped our students think about the changing work on the gospel. Looking forward to reading this again when my younger kids are in Upper Grammar. 
  • School Choice: Did you catch the news about school choice?  We are now approved on ClassWallet for both New Hampshire and Arizona, and we are working towards more states.  To become an approved vendor in any state, we need our customers in that states to send a request to ClassWallet so that we will be added as a vendor.  If that happens, you should be able to use tax dollars to purchase TOG products!  School choice is only becoming more of a thing, so even if your state does not offer school choice options now, it may do so soon!  This independent website, EdChoice, can tell you about the options in your state.   
  • Teacher Training Resources: If you look on the Tapestry University page (just scroll to the bottom of the homepage and look on the right), you will see all our teacher training resources neatly lined up and free to all comers.  Some of them will also be added to the Planning page.  A few need revisions to reflect the new interface, so we will gradually be working on those as well.  Thank you to those on Facebook who brought up this suggestion!  We can’t afford to make a habit of permanently free products, of course, but in this case I think it is the right answer!  
  • Fee for Late Upgrade from Locklizard: Over the last two years, we have been glad to bear the costs of free upgrades from Locklizard for all comers!  However, now that we have lost access to our Locklizard licenses and records, it is more difficult and time consuming for our staff to look up latecomers’ records and help them make the transition.  The good news is that it can still be done!  The bad news is that we will now charge a $15 “Lookup Fee” for an upgrade from Locklizard to our new watermarking system.  If you have not yet transitioned, click here to learn more about this process, or simply use keyword “great transition” or “account” to search for articles in our Help button knowledge base!
  • Retiring Products: I have a short list of products that we prayerfully expect to be phasing out entirely (in one case) or replacing with a similar product of a different name (in most cases) for the next edition.  They are:
    1. Planning Aids (to be phased out entirely)
    2. Tapestry Primer
    3. Poetics
    4. Literature Studies for Young Adults
    5. Map Aids
    6. Big Story Game  

      If you own digital versions of any of these products, don’t worry!  They will always be available to you as downloads via your account (at bare minimum), and most (if not all) will be available via sections of TOGO that will only be visible to owners of these products.  Also, be assured that we are not retiring these products because we don’t love them as much as you do!  Rather, we love them so much that we are integrating them into the next editions of our main curricula.  That’s right: you’ll have all the useful content we can find from these seven products incorporated into our core products and supplements in the next edition! 

      You will hear more details about the future of each product and the transition of content to new places in the next edition in future newsletters, so keep an eye out! 

      Finally, one important note: we have a few copies of the print version of Primer left, and after that we will only be selling digital versions until the next edition is released.  Therefore, if you (or a friend) really, really wants a print package copy of Primer, grab it soon!  The same applies to printed copies of Poetics (digital versions will continue to be available up to the release of the next edition at least). 

Production News
Writing aids products by level

New Writing products that allow you to purchase digital access to Writing Aids by learning level are now available in the store!

The Warp
  • If you haven’t yet heard, you can now purchase a one-year subscription to the Online Warp in our store!
    • $25 for a one-year subscription that will automatically expire twelve months after the day you purchase it.
      • Includes not only our new spine text for Dialectic and Rhetoric History, but also sample answers for D/R History Accountability Questions and Thinking Questions! 
      • You can chose Text Only or Text + Media (same price)
      • Use it as …
        • Heavy Use: Go bold and also use the Online Warp as your online spine text for the entire year, filling in only the other D/R History books from our booklist that you want for your library!  (Note: in the present edition, you will need to modify or skip some student History questions if you want to use the Online Warp as your spine.)    
        • Medium Use: Also as a replacement for a few of your Dialect or Rhetoric student’s one-week History books that you would otherwise have to purchase
        • Light Use: Your own teacher background notes, media links (optionally) and student History questions sample answers cheat sheets
      • We welcome you to go to this sample Year 1, Unit 1 Online Warp page and poke around Week 1: Egypt: Gift of the Nile.  If you want to get back to the Year 1, Unit 1 Warp page later, go to the Year 1, Unit 1 page and look at the bottom of the sidebar on the right for a link that says “Unit 1 Warp & Weft”!  You can also check out the colored sample weeks in Year 2, Unit 2Year 3, Unit 2; and Year 4, Unit 1.  Check out the History, Geography, and Literature in each one to get a good idea of the range of materials (including primary source links!) that we expect to include in the Online Warp.  Also, don’t forget to watch the video on the Year 1, Unit 1 page!  You will see that we already have rough content loaded for all weeks of History, and we have added information for Literature across all four years as well.  We will continue to refine, adding details in the text and interesting media links/primary source links—across all subjects—for the rest of the year.  The Online Warp may be the most important and generally helpful resources we have produced in the last decade.  I hope you will enjoy it!
Dialectic Literature Studies  

Below is the complete list of Dialectic Literature Stitches book studies that are already available in the store. Please note that the content of these Stitches is different from the content of Dialectic Literature in 2020 Edition Integrated and Spools.

Many (but not all) of these Stitches studies will eventually be incorporated into future editions of Integrated and Spools, but we will also continue to make them available separately as Stitches even after the release of that next edition because we think there is value in allowing people to mix/match/switch/design/customize their Literature studies if they wish.  Also, there are simply too many good books available to fit everything into the Integrated and Spools year-plans, so making individual book studies available for summer study or substitution even after the next edition is released seems like a good idea!

Our goal for this year, while the next edition is in development, is that a full year of these Stitches Dialectic LIterature studies will cost about the same amount as the Year 1 Literature Studies for Young Adults product. To that end, we have a 60% off coupon available to help ensure that the total costs of a full year’s Dialectic Literature Stitches do not exceed the cost of Year 1 Literature Studies for Young Adults during this school year. Please note, however, that purchasing even a full year’s collection of Dialectic Literature Stitches will not entitle the purchaser to copies of the next edition of Spools or Integrated products containing the equivalent content. Those must be purchased separately as they become available, or received as part of a next edition upgrade.

Finally, please note that our standard copyright rules for group use do apply to this product: if you are using one of the Dialectic Literature Stitches studies to teach a class, then the family of each student in your class must own a copy of at least the student materials. You may not purchase one student copy plus one teacher copy and distribute copies of the student materials to your entire class; you may only distribute student copies to your own children in your home. Thank you for your faithful adherence to copyright law, which helps to keep us in business.

UPCOMING: Next Edition release dates and upgrade costs

Our adventures with the rolling release of Spools Teacher have made us doubly cautious about setting release dates, and the next edition of Tapestry has been such a wild ride that we no longer feel comfortable about setting a definite date. Fortunately, as we continue to write new books (e.g. Warp) that stabilize our current edition’s booklist, we are finding that there is far less urgent need for a new edition. Therefore, our prayerful production plan (always subject to change) is to keep working along at Next Generation products and releasing them as we complete them. It is likely (but not definite!) that this will take the following shape:

  • Finishing up the Web-based Warp and the Digital Warp Reader (both designed for D and R), then beginning work on the Weft Readers (LG and UG) so that we keep producing strong spine book options and replacements for any books that might go out of print in History (with some Geography, Fine Arts, Worldview, and Government).
  • Continuing to improve and add to our Booklists and reading assignment options for Living Books.
  • Produce Stitches as we complete them (this is part of the process for making the next edition of Spools).
  • Once we have completed all the next edition Spools, gather them together into the next edition of Integrated.

After spending six months evaluating and tweaking the format and layout of Tapestry from the ground up, we realized that the next edition will be about as different to Redesigned as Redesigned was to Classic, so we decided to give the next edition its own name: “Next Generation.” As has become our custom, Next Generation products will be available in three formats: Stitches, Spools, and Integrated.

Final new prices for the Next Generation edition products have not been set across the board, but we are fixing the upgrade cost at $50 per year plan for Tapestry of Grace Integrated, and we expect to make a (proportionately smaller) upgrade fee option available for Tapestry of Grace Spools. 

If you purchased Tapestry materials after December 30th, 2020 and missed our Winter Deals options, you may be wishing you had some way to get an upgrade to the Next Generation Integrated or Spools (or both) without having to pay money for it.  Well, wonder no further!  If you would prefer to exchange materials or labor (figured at $15/hr), rather than cash, you can explore any of the following options:

  • Student Writing Samples for our Writing Page: We are working to build our library of Writing Samples (samples of student papers completed according to the Writing Aids genres and TOG  writing assignments).
  • Book Descriptions and Reviews for our Booklist: We need thousands (literally) of book descriptions and reviews for the new Booklist Tool.  These reviews will also help us to select the very best books for the next edition Booklist. 
  • Product Developers in These Areas of Interest:
    • Greek and Latin vocabulary root lessons 
    • Art appreciation lessons
  • Other: Any idea you’ve had that you would love to contribute… just open a ticket and we’ll have a conversation about it!  We can’t guarantee that we will say “yes,” but we’ll be eager to explore the possibility. 🙂

Production Calendar

Please note that this production calendar is an approximation only and subject to continuous change. The planned products and elements of new editions listed below are subject to change throughout the design process. Also, product development routinely runs two to six months late in “real time” due to a variety of factors, including unforeseeable circumstances. We urge you not to plan your school year around the expectation of having certain products available within the exact time frame described on this calendar.

January to June of 2024
  • Continue Weft Science and Math Project
  • Continue Warp History Project
  • Continue to release Stitches Dialectic Literature Studies
Year 1 Titles

Ancient Egyptian Stories

The Bible

Sons of Encouragement

The Well of Sacrifice

The Chi-Lin Purse

Hittite Warrior

God King

Black Ships Before Troy

Victory on the Walls


The Wanderings of Odysseus

Eagle of the Ninth

Year 2 Titles

The Sword and the Circle, by Rosemary Sutcliff – now available in the store

Arabian Nights, by Anonymous (Year 2 Dialectic Literature Reader) – now available in the store

Legends of Charlemagne (Year 2 Dialectic Literature Reader) – now available in the store

Northland Heroes (Year 2 Dialectic Literature Reader) – now available in the store

Canterbury Talesnow available in the store

Divine Comedynow available in the store

The Second Mrs. Giacondanow available in the store

Good Masters, Sweet Ladies!now available in the store

Faerie Queene (Year 2 Dialectic Literature Reader)

The King’s Fifth

Midsummer Night’s Dream

The Perilous Gard The book that we were using for this study has gone out of print, and there is no good replacement available, so we will not be releasing it.

The Witch of Blackbird Pondnow available in the store

Robinson Crusoe (Year 2 Dialectic Literature Reader)

Pilgrim’s Progress (Year 2 Dialectic Literature Reader)

Gulliver’s Travels The book that we were using for this study has gone out of print, and there is no good replacement available, so we will not be releasing it.

Johnny Tremain

Olney Hymns – now available in the store

Year 3 Titles

Carry On, Mr. Bowditch

Frankensteinnow available in the store

English Romantic Poets (Year 3 Dialectic Literature Reader) – now available in the store

European and American Short Stories (Year 3 Dialectic Literature Reader)

American Poetry (Year 3 Dialectic Literature Reader)

Island of the Blue Dolphins

Slave Dancer

Tom Sawyer

Dragon’s Gate

Rifles for Watie

Moby Dick

Hound of the Baskervilles

The Jungle Book

Peter Pan

The Miracle Worker

Year 4 Titles

Call of the Wildnow available in the store

Our Town

World War I Short Stories

Robert Frost

Popular Songs and Poetry

Glinda of Oz

Black Duck

The Red Pony

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Lilies of the Field

Tunnel in the Sky

Hunt for Red October (Movie)

Viceroy’s House (Movie)

Bridges at Toko-Ri (Movie)

Chu-Ju’s House

Inside Out and Back Again

Cloud and Wallfish

Peter Nimble

Looking Ahead

Particularly with regard to upcoming editions, we want to remind you that this production calendar is an approximation only and subject to continuous change. The planned products and elements of new editions listed below are subject to change throughout the design process. Also, product development routinely runs two to six months late in “real time” due to a variety of factors, including unforeseeable circumstances. We urge you not to plan your school year around the expectation of having certain products available within the exact time frame described on this calendar.

  • Release finished new Warp History Readers (Dialectic and Rhetoric History spine texts) for all four years
  • Begin to write Weft History Readers (Upper Grammar History spine texts) for all four years
  • Release Weft Literature Readers (Grammar Level anthologies) for all four years
  • Begin Grammar Worksheets Project (LG and UG, Y1-Y4)
  • Begin Rhetoric Literature Stitches Project
  • Begin Weft Readers Project (History, Literature, Math and Science)
  • Begin Global Update Project: Next Generation Editions of Integrated Tapestry of Grace and Spools Subjects, beginning with Year 1.**

**New Edition year-plan updates will be available for free to those who purchased Integrated Tapestry year plans prior to December 31, 2020 or as part of one of our Winter Deal promotions that offered those product upgrades for free. All other purchasers must pay a fee to update to the latest edition.