Year 3 Arts and Activities

  • Use this site for great pictures when making lapbooks.
  • A vast resource for further research on 19th-Century Art. Click on 19th-Century Art.
  • Excellent architecture sight:
  • This art history project book can be used in all four year-plans, as it goes through the 1980’s. There are 80 projects in this book entitled Great Studio Projects in Art History, and is written by William Reid. ISBN 0825138523
  • Here’s real help with Feast Nights: food timeline and recipes galore! Enjoy!
  • Classics for Kids: a great website for composers and their music.
  • Classicalworks: a great site with an extensive timeline.
  • A user shared: “Home Depot Kids’ Workshops are a blast! They give the child a complete project kit which includes everything they need for materials to build something. Plus they give them a work apron and pins for completing the project. They were so proud of themselves.”
  • Puzzlemaker: put in a list of words and it will generate word searches, crosswords, codes, etc.
  • Brainpop Free educational movies. You can watch two free per day. Aimed at grades 3-8, but fun for all!
  • Cookie Dough Recipe: A great alternative to salt dough maps.
    • 2 c. smooth peanut butter
    • 2 1/2 c. powdered milk
    • 2 1/2 c. powdered sugar
    • 2 c. white corn syrup
      • Blue icing – lakes and oceans
      • Green sprinkles – plains
      • Clear sprinkles – deserts
      • Chocolate chips – mountains
      • Red candy strips – rivers
      • M&Ms – capitals
    Unit 1 – Napoleon’s World

    Week 1: When John Adams Was President

    Week 2: Napoleon: The Man and His Career

    Week 3: Early Industrial Revolution

    Week 4: Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase

    Week 5: Jefferson and the Supreme Court

    Week 6: Madison and the War of 1812

    Week 7: Reshaping Europe and South America

    Week 8: South America in Transition

    Week 9: Monroe and the American Hemisphere

    Unit 2 – The Age of Industry & Expansion

    Week 10: John Quincy Adams and Political Realignments

    Week 11: Jacksonian Democracy

    Week 12: Revolutions in Texas & Europe

    Week 13: Victorian England

    Week 14: Victorians at Home and Abroad

    Week 15: Manifest Destiny

    Week 16: Sea to Shining Sea

    Week 17: The Oregon Trail

    Week 18: 1848: Gold Dust & Gunpowder

    Unit 3 – Nations Uniting & Dividing

    Week 19: Westerners in Asia

    Week 20: Franklin Pierce & the Crimean War

    Week 21: America Divides & Italy Unites

    Week 22: Lincoln and the Start of the Civil War

    Week 23: Decisive Years of the Civil War

    Week 24: Closing Years of the Civil War

    Week 25: Andrew Johnson vs. Radical Reconstruction

    Week 26: Ulysses Grant & the Plains Indians Wars

    Week 27: Technological Progress & the Unification of Germany

    Unit 4 – The Gilded Age

    Week 28: Introducing Africa and Reforming Empires

    Week 29: The Scramble for Empire

    Week 30: Imperialism and Culture

    Week 31: Waves of Immigrants

    Week 32: Captains of Industry

    Week 33: Labor Issues and the New South

    Week 34: Farmers, Populists, Gold Strikes and Gold Standards

    Week 35: Powerful Men and Inspiring Women

    Week 36: The Balkan Problem & American Imperialism