Unit 1

Casting Off the Moorings

In Unit 1, we study the first quarter of the twentieth century. This period neatly divides into three distinct periods of World History: the pre-World War I period (called by many historians the Age of Innocence) from 1900-1914, the period of the Great War, from 1914 to 1918, and the Roaring Twenties. Our study will end in the late Twenties, but not finish the decade. We will save our study of the Bull Market and the revolt of the intellectual authors for the start of Unit 2. Included in Unit 1 for older students are studies of the Russian Revolution, which established a Communist dictatorship under first Lenin and then Stalin, and the early life and career of Adolf Hitler. Some of these topics can be a bit heavy for younger students, so we include a unit-long invention project, lighter books on fun topics like the fashions of the 20’s, and other activities that communicate the joys of this fascinating period.

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