Year 2 History

Unit 1 – The Middle Ages

General Resources for this Unit

Week 1: Twilight of the Western Roman Empire

Week 2: Byzantine Empire & the Eastern Orthodox Church

Week 3: Byzantine Empire & Rise of Islam

Week 4: The Making of Medieval Europe: Charlemagne

Week 5: Developments During the Viking Age

Week 6: Medieval Life: Feudalism

Week 7: The High Middle Ages

Week 8: The Mongols, Marco Polo, and the Far East

Week 9: The Reshaping of Medieval Europe

Week 10: Early Lights of the Reformation

Unit 2 – Renaissance & Reformation

Week 11: Introduction to the Southern Renaissance

  • A massive Teacher’s Site for the Renaissance.
  • You’ll find this website very helpful to answer dialectic questions about frescoes. (Note that this website is not in keeping with early creationist viewpoints.)
  • Use this link to answer dialectic questions about shallow relief and Donatello.
  • Teacher’s guide and multiple activities for the read-aloud Renaissance Artists who Inspired the World.
  • Reproductions of European art, parental supervision needed. (Classic nudity)
  • Giotto – (Classic nudity)
  • Petrarch
  • To answer dialectic questions about Petrarch, check out this website.
  • To answer dialectic questions about Dante, check out this website.

Week 12: The Southern Renaissance & the Early Explorers

Week 13: The Southern Renaissance & the Age of Exploration

Week 14: Spanish Dominion & the New World: Aztecs & Incas

Week 15: The Northern Renaissance & Its Scholars

Week 16: The Reformation: Martin Luther & the German States

Week 17: Reformation in Switzerland, England, & Scandinavia

Week 18: Counter Reformation, French Huguenots, & the Netherlands

Week 19: Elizabethan England & the Scottish Reformation

Unit 3 – Of Crowns & Colonies

Week 20: Early New World Colonies & Eastern Europe

Week 21: Puritans in New England

Week 22: Charters, Creeds, & the English Civil War

Week 23: Restoration Colonies & the Age of Louis XIV

Week 24: Dissenters in America & the Age of Reason

Week 25: Colonists & Native Americans

Week 26: Empires at Odds

Week 27: Thirteen Established Colonies

Unit 4 – Age of Revolutions

General Resources for this Unit

Week 28: Shaping Influences on Colonial Culture

Week 29: French & Indian War

Week 30: Give Me Liberty!

Week 31: First Battles for Independence

Week 32: Waging the Revolutionary War

Week 33: America under the Articles of the Confederation

Week 34: Writing the Constitution

Week 35: Federal Republic & French Revolution

Week 36: Perilous Times: The Adams Administration