Year 2 Arts & Activities

  • Great food link!
  • European Artist: parents please preview; could contain classic nudity
  • Use this site for great pictures when making lap books.
  • Here’s real help with Feast Nights: food timeline and recipes galore! Enjoy!
  • A timeline of classical music where you can also listen to the great composers!
  • Jamestown Online Adventure: Play an online game to see if you know better than the early settlers did.
  • Puzzlemaker input a list of words and this site will generate crosswords, word searches, codes, etc.
  • Cookie Dough Recipe: A great alternative to salt dough maps.
    • 2 c. smooth peanut butter
    • 2 1/2 c. powdered milk
    • 2 1/2 c. powdered sugar
    • 2 c. white corn syrup
    • Blue icing – lakes and oceans
    • Green sprinkles – plains
    • Clear sprinkles – deserts
    • Chocolate chips – mountains
    • Red candy strips – rivers
    • M&Ms – capitals
    • Try Crayola’s Model Magic: a great lightweight soft modeling substance. It air-dries quickly, and after it’s dry, it can be sanded, painted, or decorated. Model Magic can replace Fimo for most projects suggested in Tapestry.
    Unit 1 – The Middle Ages

    Week 1: Twilight of the Western Roman Empire

    Week 2: Byzantine Empire & the Eastern Orthodox Church

    Week 3: Byzantine Empire & Rise of Islam

    Week 4: The Making of Medieval Europe: Charlemagne

    Week 5: Developments During the Viking Age

    Week 6: Medieval Life: Feudalism

    Week 7: The High Middle Ages

    Week 8: The Mongols, Marco Polo, and the Far East

    Week 9: The Reshaping of Medieval Europe

    • A great idea for making stained glass looking projects is to use window cling paints! Special black paints (looks like leading) are filled in with special colored paints. When dry you can peel it off and apply to a window or mirror. Check out “DecoArt Liquid Rainbow Paint, Peel and Stick-On Transparent Paint”, and “Window Art” by Barbara Kane (Klutz).

    Week 10: Early Lights of the Reformation

    • Learn about the origin of your family’s surname!
    • Finish all hands-on projects.

    Unit Celebration: Medieval Feast

    • Medieval Feast recipes: Click here or here.
    • Medieval costumes
    • Another site about medieval costumes
    • General information about Medieval Feasts.
    • A user shared: “We are getting ready for our feast on Saturday, and I went shopping for material to attempt to make costumes. Check out Halloween costume clearance sales! I found great costumes for a nominal fee! Most were priced from $.74 – $4.99. Some things need to be altered a bit, but it cut my work dramatically! Happy Feasting!”
    • Wassail Song
    Unit 2 – Renaissance & Reformation

    General Resources for this Unit

    Week 11: Introduction to the Southern Renaissance

    Week 12: The Southern Renaissance & the Early Explorers

    Week 13: The Southern Renaissance & the Age of Exploration

    Week 14: Spanish Dominion & the New World: Aztecs & Incas

    Week 15: The Northern Renaissance & Its Scholars

    Week 16: The Reformation: Martin Luther & the German States

    Week 17: Reformation in Switzerland, England, & Scandinavia

    Week 18: Counter Reformation, French Huguenots, & the Netherlands

    Week 19: Elizabethan England & the Scottish Reformation

    Unit 3 – Of Crowns & Colonies

    Week 20: Early New World Colonies & Eastern Europe

    Week 21: Puritans in New England

    • No links for this week.

    Week 22: Charters, Creeds, & the English Civil War

    Week 23: Restoration Colonies & the Age of Louis XIV

    Week 24: Dissenters in America & the Age of Reason

    Week 25: Colonists & Native Americans

    Week 26: Empires at Odds

    Week 27: Thirteen Established Colonies

    Unit 4 – Age of Revolutions

    General Resources for this Unit

    Week 28: Shaping Influences on Colonial Culture

    • How to make a hornbook: links here and here.

    Week 29: French & Indian War

    Week 30: Give Me Liberty!

    • No links for this week.

    Week 31: First Battles for Independence

    • No links for this week.

    Week 32: Waging the Revolutionary War

    • No links for this week.

    Week 33: America under the Articles of the Confederation

    • Wig making resource. This site includes step by step instructions for how to make a variety of wigs and the information on it can be adapted for making colonial wigs.
    • 18th century clothing: interactive guide

    Week 34: Writing the Constitution

    Week 35: Federal Republic & French Revolution

    Week 36: Perilous Times: The Adams Administration

    • No links for this week.