Year One

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Please note that throughout TOGO we will use the following levels color legend:

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Scope, Sequence, and Supporting Links

Tapestry University Resources

Week Titles

Unit 1: The Books of Moses

Week 1: Curtain Rises on Egypt: Gift of the Nile

Week 2: Pharaohs & Pyramids

Week 3: Egyptian Polytheism & the Judgment of God

Week 4: Creation Through Noah

Week 5: Abraham & Ancient Mesopotamian Civilizations

Week 6: The Patriarchs: From Canaan to Egypt

Week 7: In The Wilderness: The Tabernacle & the Law

Week 8: In The Wilderness: Holiness – Worshipping God as God

Week 9: In The Wilderness: Slaves to Warriors

Unit 2: All Governments Are Established by God

Week 10: The Indus Valley, Hinduism, & Buddhism

Week 11: Ancient China: Confucius & Taoism

Week 12: Ancient Americas

Week 13: Early Greek Cultures of the Bronze Age

Week 14: Early Greek Cultures of the Archaic Period

Week 15: The Promised Land: Conquest & Settlement

Week 16: Israel’s Judges and Neighbors

Week 17: The Rise of Saul & the Philistines

Week 18: King David and the Phoenicians

Unit 3: Preparing the World for its Savior

Week 19: Solomon’s Divided Heart

Week 20: The Divided Kingdom

Week 21: The Assyrian Scourge: The Northern Kingdom Is Deported

Week 22: The Chaldeans (New Babylonians) and the Babylonian Captivity

Week 23: The Medes and Persians: The Israelites Return Home

Week 24: Persians and Greeks: The Persian Wars

Week 25: The Golden Age of Greece and the Peloponnesian Wars

Week 26: Greek Achievements: Science, Mathematics, and Philosophy

Week 27: Alexander the Great: Preparation for Proclamation

Unit 4: In the Fullness of Time

Week 28: The Etruscans and the Founding of Rome

Week 29: The Roman Republic: Everyday Life

Week 30: The Roman Republic Expands: The Punic Wars

Week 31: From Republic to Empire

Week 32: Imperial Rome: Backdrop to the Atonement

Week 33: The Zenith of Imperial Rome: Backdrop to the Early Church

Week 34: Rome Decays: Saints and Martyrs of the Early Church

Week 35: Christianity Conquers Rome: Of Church Hierarchies

Week 36: Western Rome Falls: Theology and Church Councils