Year 4 Field Trips

On this page, we hope to post field trip ideas from YOUR state that dovetail with Tapestry subjects as organized in our week-plans. Please submit your ideas via email, and please try to include the following information:

  • Your email address (for our sake, in case we have questions, but you can tell us if you’re willing to have your email linked as a contact person for more info about your recommendation).
  • The name of the attraction.
  • ANY online links to explain, give information, about the attraction.
  • A short paragraph explaining why the attraction would serve homeschoolers.

THANKS for your help! We will post states as their submissions come in, and under the weeks as listed below:

**IMAX often has great films that are an excellent addition to your academic studies. Find out what is playing, and where, to schedule this activity for your family.

Unit 1 – Casting Off the Moorings

Week 1: Dawn of the Twentieth Century

Week 2: The Progressive Era

Week 3: Wilson’s Reforms & Europe’s War

Week 4: Deadlock and Death

Week 5: America Mobilizes & Russia Revolts

  • Hillwood Museum – One of the premier art collector’s museums in the US. The museum features the most comprehensive collection of Russian imperial art outside of Russia – Washington, DC.
  • Fort Worth Museum of Science and History in Texas. The museum has an exhibit on air.

Week 6: Winning the War & Losing the Peace

  • If you didn’t make the trip while studying Year 3, consider it now: Laura Ingalls Wilder’s home in Rocky Ridge: Mansfield, Missouri.
  • Warren Harding home in Marion, Ohio
  • Heard Museum – McKinney, Texas. Finishing up Anne of Green Gables this week and Wind in the Willows we thought it would be nice to see of some of the outdoors up close and personal.

Week 7: Postwar America

Week 8: America’s Roaring 20’s & Russia’s Stalin

Week 9: American Ballyhoo & Hitler’s Early Career

Unit 2 – Depression and Destruction

Week 10: Bull Market and Black Market

Week 11: Crash! The Great Depression in America

  • Von Trapp Family Museum and Lodge in Stowe, Vermont.
  • Visit the courtroom of “To Kill a Mockingbird” (Gregory Peck film) Recreated for the film in great detail!!! This link submitted by Erin.

Week 12: FDR and the New Deal

  • No links for this week.

Week 13: Aggression and Appeasement

  • No links for this week.

Week 14: Blitzkrieg!

Week 15: World-Wide War

Week 16: Unconditional Surrender

  • The National WWII Museum in New Orleans.
  • American airlines C.R. Smith Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. With reading and discussion this week on the atomic bomb and Rosie the Riveter, we thought a field trip to learn more about airplanes would be beneficial.

Week 17: Hot War to Cold War

  • No links for this week.

Week 18: A Jewish Homeland

  • No links for this week.
Unit 3 – Conformity to Counterculture

Week 19: India’s Independence

  • No links for this week.

Week 20: China’s Revolution

  • If there is a “China Town” in your city, you could visit there.

Week 21: Truman: Korea & the Red Scare

Week 22: Eisenhower’s Oasis

Week 23: Conformity and Change

Week 24: Kennedy’s New Frontiers

Week 25: Camelot and Crisis

Week 26: Johnson’s Great Society

Week 27: A Nation in Distress

Unit 4 – The Postmodern World

Supplement 13: Rhetoric Church History Options for Unit 4

Week 28: Nixon: Détente and Watergate

  • No links for this week.

Week 29: Ford’s Integrity

  • No links for this week.

Week 30: Carter’s Malaise

Week 31: Reagan’s Revolution

  • No links for this week.

Week 32: G.H.W. Bush’s New World Order

  • No links for this week.

Week 33: Clinton’s Lost Opportunity

  • No links for this week.

Week 34: George W. Bush: War on Terror

  • No links for this week.

Week 35: Obama: Hope and Change?

  • No links for this week.

Week 36: Reflections and Revelation

  • No links for this week.