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It’s never been easier to show your kids the ‘big picture’ of what they’re learning! Our new Map of the Humanities features everything we cover in a four year cycle of Tapestry of Grace. Download your free copy today!

Printing tips: Once you’ve downloaded the map, Go to Print, and when you see the printing interface (where you typically adjust pages to print, print quantity, etc.), instead of accepting the default settings, under “Page Scaling” choose “Shrink to Printable Area.” You’ll want to make sure that “Auto-Rotate and Center” is checked as well. Once that’s all set, go ahead and hit print! You should get a scaled-down version of this large map, but still legible enough.

On a PC, there’s another option if you’d like to try making a bigger version. On your printing interface, under “Page Scaling,” choose “Tile All Pages.” This will split the image up and print it on numerous pages (probably four of them), with a white border on each. Simply trim off the white border and tape these pages together or glue on a long background for a larger image!

Love the map so much that you’d like to get a poster of it? We include a printed (and folded) copy of our “Map of the Humanities” in every Tapestry of Grace Catalog. If it’s just too pretty to be creased, check out our site where you buy it as a poster!

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