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Spools Subjects allow customers to purchase separate subjects (“threads”) of our award winning curriculum, Tapestry of Grace.  They are ideal for those who wish to access the Tapestry program by level, by subject, by unit, and in a more traditional format (student manual vs. teacher manual).

Each product will come complete with all applicable reading and writing assignments, student activity pages, supplements, teacher’s notes, and Loom documents found in Integrated Tapestry of Grace.  In addition, there will be some new materials not found in Integrated Tapestry (see Content Updates below).

Spools Student Manuals: 2021 Content Updates 

Please note that if you want to use Spools Student Manuals and Teacher Manuals together, you will definitely want the 2021 Edition of the Student Manuals, though the 2020 Edition of the Spools Student Manuals (easier to use with 2020 Edition Integrated Tapestry) will remain available in our store.  Below are some of the changes that you will see in the 2021 Edition of Spools Subjects Student Manuals and Teacher Manuals:

  • We are updating vocabulary to better reflect students’ abilities in the LG and UG levels
  • We are adding some people and timeline items across all applicable levels 
  • We are adding in the writing options (taken from DE) at all levels, and are  
  • We are editing the introductory history background information for LG and UG to make it more readable at lower levels
  • We are adding History thinking questions (taken from Pop Quiz for both LG and UG, with perhaps some additional questions that we will add for UG students).    
  • We have included all these (plus answers to the thinking questions for LG and UG) in the NEW Spools Teacher Manuals for all appropriate levels.
  • We have incorporated some notes from Planning Aids (though not the planning charts) into the NEW Spools Lower Grammar and Upper Grammar Teacher Manuals
  • Student and Teacher maps are included with the Full Rack and Geography Spools

Spools Teacher Manuals:  

With the Spools Student Workbooks, we produced print first and are now making digital versions available.  For the Spools Teacher Manuals, we are beginning with digital versions that we can build, correct, and improve for you continuously over our first “beta testing” year.  In this way, we hope to benefit from your user feedback and arrive at the most “finished” possible Spools Teacher Manuals products before we move to print versions.   

NOTE: Please be aware that, in light of the upcoming Warp and Weft project, we do not intend to include World Book articles with the Spools Teacher Manuals.  We hope instead to gradually incorporate our own background information in whatever ways make most practical sense for teachers.  This may mean referencing the Warp for further reading, hyperlinking to the Warp, or incorporating articles from the Warp directly into the text of the Teacher Manuals.  We’re not sure yet—hence the year of beta testing!  If World Book articles are an essential component of the Teacher’s Notes for your preparation and teaching style, we recommend that you plan to purchase Integrated Tapestry rather than the Spools Teacher Manuals.

Using Spools Subjects Products with Integrated Tapestry**

In 2020, Spools Subjects Student Workbooks were essentially a re-arrangement of the 2020 Edition Tapestry of Grace DE material, and could easily be used as a sort of Student Activity packet for that edition.

The booklists for 2021 Spools Subjects are still the same as those for the 2020 Edition Integrated Tapestry.  However, as listed above, changes are now being made to Spools Subjects Student Manuals for the 2021 Edition to bring them into alignment with the new Teacher Manuals.

Therefore, owners of Integrated Tapestry (also called Tapestry DE) should be careful to examine Spools Subject samples and compare them with Integrated Tapestry samples (both available in Go to Egypt format) before making a choice about whether to purchase the 2021 Edition of Spools Subjects Student Manual 2021 products for their students.  You may prefer to purchase the 2020 Edition of Spools Subjects Student Manuals, or simply print Student Activity Pages from the Loom that comes with Integrated Tapestry.

Lampstand Press does expect and intend to retrofit such useful elements as updated vocabulary and new Grammar level History discussion questions into Integrated Tapestry of Grace, but we will wait to begin that massive undertaking until after the Spools Teacher Manuals have been completed so that all useful elements from Spools Subjects Student Manuals and Teacher Manuals can be added to Integrated Tapestry of Grace at the same time.  We do not expect to begin that project until sometime in 2023.

**For more details about similarities and differences between Integrated Tapestry of Grace, 2020 Spools Subjects, and 2021 Spools Subjects, click here, or search “Spools” in the Help button (lower right-hand corner of any of our web pages).

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