Year 2 Spools


Spools Subjects allow customers to purchase separate subjects (“threads”) of our award winning curriculum, Tapestry of Grace.  Alternatively, you may choose to purchase a Full Rack that includes all the threads for a given level in a given year.  They are ideal for those who wish to access the Tapestry program by level, by subject, by unit, and in a more traditional format (student manual vs. teacher manual).  Please note that Student Manuals include all materials written to students (including blank worksheets, blank maps, and student supplements) whereas Teacher Manuals will include all materials written to teachers, but not all the pages found in the Student Manuals.  As with all our products, we recommend that you look carefully at the following samples from Weeks 12-14 of Year 2 to be sure you understand what will be included in your product.

Y2 LG Full Rack Student Sample 2021
Y2 LG Full Rack Teacher Sample 2021

Y2 UG Full Rack Student Sample 2021
Y2 UG Full Rack Teacher Sample 2021

Y2 D Full Rack Student Sample 2021
Y2 D Full Rack Teacher Sample 2021

Y2 R Full Rack Student Sample 2021
Y2 R Full Rack Teacher Sample 2021


  • This product does not include the books listed in the reading assignments.
  • This year plan, including any printout from its pages, is a digital product.  According to Lampstand Press copyright policy, digital products (or printouts of them) cannot be returned for a refund, transferred, loaned, given away, or resold.  These terms must be accepted at checkout if you wish to buy this item, so please feel free to reach out to us before purchasing your nonrefundable digital item if you have any questions.  Please see Terms and Conditions page for more details, or contact us with any questions!
  • When selecting your combination of variations below, please note that there are no 2020 Edition Teacher Spools of any kind (digital or print), and there are no Philosophy or Government Spools of any kind for any of the three lower levels (Lower Grammar, Upper Grammar, and Dialectic) for either the 2020 or 2021 editions.


Should You Use 2020 Spools or 2021 Spools?**

In 2020, Spools Student Manuals were essentially a re-arrangement of the 2020 Edition Tapestry of Grace DE material, and could easily be used as a sort of Student Activity Packet (SAP)for that edition.  There is no 2020 Edition of Spools Teacher Manuals.

In the 2021 Edition, booklists and reading assignments remained unchanged, but the Spools Student Manuals were updated to bring them into alignment with the 2021 Spools Teacher Manuals:

  • We updated vocabulary to better reflect students’ abilities in the LG and UG levels
  • We updated some people and timeline items across all applicable levels
  • We updated the writing options (taken from DE) at all levels
  • We edited the introductory history background information for LG and UG to make it more readable at lower levels
  • We added History thinking questions (taken from Pop Quiz for both LG and UG, with perhaps some additional questions that we will add for UG students).
  • We included all these (plus answers to the thinking questions for LG and UG) in the NEW Spools Teacher Manuals for all appropriate levels.
  • We incorporated some notes from Planning Aids (though not the planning charts) into the NEW Spools Lower Grammar and Upper Grammar Teacher Manuals
  • Student and Teacher maps are included with the Full Rack and Geography Spools

Therefore, owners of Integrated Tapestry (also called Tapestry DE) should be careful to examine Spools samples and compare them with Integrated Tapestry samples before making a choice about whether to purchase the 2021 Edition of Spools Subjects Student Manual 2021 products for their students.  You may prefer to purchase the 2020 Edition of Spools Student Manuals, or simply print Student Activity Pages from the Loom that comes with Integrated Tapestry.  If you want to use Spools Student Manuals and Teacher Manuals together, you will definitely want the 2021 Edition of the Student Manuals, though the 2020 Edition of the Spools Student Manuals (easier to use with 2020 Edition Integrated Tapestry) is still available to purchase.

**For more details about similarities and differences between Integrated Tapestry of Grace, 2020 Spools, and 2021 Spools, click here, or search “Spools” in the Help button (lower right-hand corner of any of our web pages).

Spools FAQs
Will Spools Subjects work with my 2020 edition of the Integrated DE curriculum?
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2020P, 2021


Digital – Student, Digital – Teacher

Learning Level

Lower Grammar, Upper Grammar, Dialectic, Rhetoric


Fine Arts & Activities, Full Rack (All Subjects), Geography, Government, History, Literature, Philosophy, Worldviews

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Year Plan

Year 2