Year 2 Grammar History Activities Book


This History Activity book includes over 100 pages of coloring, connect-the-dots, matching, sequencing, mazes, and some mapwork, covering most weeks in Year 2 for Lower Grammar students (and, we suspect, for some Upper Grammar students as well).  These activities books are ideal to keep little hands busy while you read aloud or play Weft History Audios for your students.


  • If you have the Primer Activity Books, you already own a differently-organized set of these pages and need not re-purchase.
  • This History Activities Book, including any printout from its pages, is a digital product.  According to Lampstand Press copyright policy, digital products (or printouts of them) cannot be transferred, loaned, given away, or resold.  These terms must be accepted at checkout if you wish to buy this item.  Please see Terms and Conditions page for more details, or contact us with any questions!

Additional information

Curriculum Type



Print, Digital

Historical Era

Colonial, Enlightenment, Medieval, Reformation, Renaissance

Learning Level

Lower Grammar, Upper Grammar



Year Plan

Year 2