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You can watch a video about this product on the Year 1, Unit 1 Warp page.

PLEASE NOTE: The Online Warp is a rolling release.  This means that the Development Team at Lampstand Press is reasonably confident about its ability to produce materials at least one week ahead of all families who are following the traditional starting date of September 5th or later.  Rolling releases come with the disclaimer that it is possible the Development Team will fall significantly behind in its schedule.  However, in the case of these particular Online Warp products,  we have already loaded rough drafts of all weeks in History, Worldviews, and Literature, and we expect to load all the Geography maps for all weeks across all four years well before August 1st.  Therefore, the work still to be accomplished in these products will consist of adding more dates and details to the History articles, and adding some information or links (as appropriate) to the Fine Arts, Government, and Philosophy sections.


This one-year online subscription provides access to your choice of four Warp Reader texts online (Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, or Year 4), plus sample answers for student History questions at the Dialectic and Rhetoric levels, and (optionally) links to primary sources and videos.

You can choose “Text Only,” which includes only the text written by Lampstand Press authors, or “Text + Media,” which includes links to YouTube videos, online primary sources, and other sites.  Each version of Warp costs the same; $25 for a full-year subscription, which starts on the day you purchase.  Both versions come with a complete set of student history question sample answers.  We wanted to give you a choice between Text and Text + Media in case you prefer not to have your children see links to other websites.

Please note that while this iteration of these products will contain some information and media links for Worldviews and Literature, and may contain some information and media links for Fine Arts, Philosophy, and Government, we only promise complete articles in History and complete resource maps in Geography.

The text included in this online subscription will provide enough information to cover your year’s study in Dialectic and Rhetoric History as taught in the Teacher’s Notes (aside from texts specifically mentioned in the discussion scripts).  You might choose to use it in any of the following ways:

  • Light Use: Use the Online Warp as a teacher reference for background notes, sample answers to student History questions, and video links.
  • Medium Use: In addition, replace a few one-week or two-week Topic Books from our Booklist by having your student read the text for that week from the Online Warp instead.  In this model, you would still purchase and use all of the regular History Spine Books listed below because they are referenced in student History questions.
  • Heavy Use: In addition to the uses already mentioned, have your student use the Online Warp as his Spine Book for History throughout the year.  Only purchase the History books from the list below that you want to add to your permanent library.  Modify, or Instruct your student to skip, any Accountability or Thinking questions that he cannot answer directly from the Warp and the books you have chosen.

If you still want to read all the books mentioned in Accountability or Thinking Questions in the Student Activity Pages, you will need most of the Primary Source History books in addition to the Online Warp:

Year 1

  • Dialectic History:
    • Journey Through the Bible
    • Ancient Times: The Story of the First Americans
    • Kregel Bible Atlas
    • Early Times: The Story of Ancient Greece
    • The Ancient Greek World
    • The McElderry Book of Myths
    • Alexander the Great: Master of the Ancient World
    • The Story of the Romans
    • Usborne Internet-Linked Romans
    • Jewish Holidays All Year Round
  • Rhetoric History:
    • Historical Atlas of Ancient Civilizations
    • Holman Bible Atlas
    • Gods of Ancient Egypt, Bruce LaFontaine
    • Warfare in the Classical World
    • These Were the Greeks
    • These Were the Romans
    • Church History in Plain Language
    • Foxe’s Book of Martyrs
    • The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt

Year 2

  • Dialectic History:
    • Our Island Story
    • This Country of Ours
    • Story of Europe
    • Explorers of the New World
    • The Art of the Renaissance
    • An Eye for Art
    • North American Indian
    • George Washington’s World
    • Courage and Conviction
    • Understanding the U.S. Constitution
    • America’s Paul Revere
    • Marquis de Lafayette: Fighting for America’s Freedom
    • The Struggle for Sea Power
    • Son of Charlemagne
    • Amazing Leonardo da Vinci Invention You can Build Yourself
    • An American Presidents Book of your choice (if you do not want to use the Online Warp)
  • Rhetoric History:
    • The Middle Ages: An Illustrated History
    • Life in Medieval Times
    • Pathfinders
    • Renaissance Art
    • Reformation Sketches
    • Eighteenth-Century Europe
    • The Revolutionary Period 1750-1783
    • Antebellum America: 1784-1850
    • The Colonial Period: 1607-1750
    • 2,000 Years of Christ’s Power: The Age of Religious Conflict
    • The Story of Architecture
    • Art: A World History
    • Yankee Doodle Boy
    • The Theme is Freedom
    • Famous Men of the Renaissance and Reformation
    • In the Days of Queen Elizabeth
    • An American history textbook of your choice for reference (if you do not want to use the Online Warp)
    • An American Presidents Book of your choice (if you do not want to use the Online Warp)

Year 3

  • Dialectic History:
    • Our Island Story
    • This Country of Ours
    • The Scramble for Africa
    • Bully for You, Teddy Roosevelt!
    • In the Land of the Jaguar
    • Understanding the U.S. Constitution
    • The Struggle for Sea Power
    • Abraham Lincoln’s World
    • An American Presidents Book of your choice (if you do not want to use the Online Warp)
  • Rhetoric History:
    • Simón Bolivar, the Liberator
    • The Early American Republic
    • The Revolutionary Era, 1780-1850
    • Antebellum America
    • The Civil War, 1850-1895
    • Eyewitness to the Civil War
    • The Age of Nationalism and Reform, 1850-1890
    • The Victorian Internet
    • Imperialism: A History in Documents
    • The Gilded Age: A History in Documents
    • The Rise and Fall of Waiilatpu
    • Everyday Life in Regency and Victorian England
    • Victoria and Albert (Movie)
    • An American Presidents Book of your choice (if you do not want to use the Online Warp)

Year 4

  • Dialectic History:
    • Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    • The World Wars,
    • Mahatma Ghandi, Proponent of Peace
    • The Vietnam War, Deborah Kent
    • The Way Things Never Were
    • Iran and Iraq: Religion, War, and Geopolitics
    • Unravelling Freedom
    • America in the 1970s
    • Gift of Peace
    • Mao Zedong: The Rebel Who Led a Revolution
    • Popular Culture: 1980-1999
    • The Wall
    • The Tiananmen Square Massacre
    • Bully For You, Teddy Roosevelt!
    • Understanding the U.S. Constitution
    • Genius: A Photobiography of Albert Einstein
    • Flesh & Blood So Cheap
    • An American Presidents Book of your choice (if you do not want to use the Online Warp)
  • Rhetoric History:
    • Three Whys of the Russian Revolution
    • World War I
    • Unravelling Freedom
    • America in the 1900s and 1910s
    • Only Yesterday
    • America in the 1930s
    • Hitler, Albert Marrin
    • The Cold War: A History in Documents
    • Stalin, Russia’s Man of Steel
    • Mao Zedong
    • America in the 1950’s
    • America in the 1960s
    • Eyewitness to Power
    • America in the 1970s
    • America in the 1990s
    • A Charge Kept
    • Understanding Israel
    • Understanding Jewish History 2
    • Force Born of Truth
    • The Good Fight: How World War II Was Won
    • Imperialism: A History in Documents
    • An American Presidents Book of your choice (if you do not want to use the Online Warp)

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