The Second Mrs. Gioconda



Based on its title, The Second Mrs. Gioconda might seem to be about Mr. Gioconda’s second wife, the model for Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa painting. However, E.L. Konigsburg’s story is mostly about the friendship between Leonardo’s assistant (a boy named Salai), and Beatrice, the Duchess of Milan, who is presented to readers as the true inspiration for the Mona Lisa. This is also a story about plain people who are able to see beauty, and about beautiful people who cannot see true loveliness in anything or anyone else. It is also about friendship, winning and losing love, and art. Finally, it is about a liar, thief, and trickster named Salai—who is also a loyal friend to both Beatrice and Leonardo da Vinci.  This two-week Dialectic Literature Stitches study covers the whole book, and can be accessed via Tapestry Online (TOGO).

Dialectic Literature Program Description: Teaching Dialectic Literature

Link to The Second Mrs. Gioconda Location on TOGO: Access Year 2, Unit 2 page and scroll down to Stitches section

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