Spools Subjects: Year 2 D Geography (2021 Edition)



Our Spool Subjects products allow you to use and enjoy Tapestry of Grace’s studies on an individual subject and learning level basis.  This Spools Geography product provides thirty-six full weeks of Geography studies for Dialectic in Year 2.  Spool Subjects are sold in two individual manuals:

Student Manuals: These Geography Spools include maps, exercises, and activities for Dialectic students.  Student Manuals are available for purchase in color print, black and white print, or digital (access your content through Tapestry Online).

Teacher Manuals: 

  • These Geography Spools include answer key maps.  Please note that 2021 Spools Teacher Manuals will not include World Book articles as background information.  (See this article for more information on the difference between Integrated Tapestry and Spools products.)
  • Purchase of a Teacher Manual also comes with access to helpful and relevant documents on The Loom.
  • Teacher Manuals will be available as a rolling release and available for purchase in digital format (access your content on Tapestry Online).  “Rolling release” means that some documents are already available for this digital product via Tapestry Online (TOGO), and that more will be released as they are completed.  In this case, Loom documents are now available for Teacher Manuals, and we prayerfully expect to have the first full unit of Teacher Manuals posted in TOGO across all years and levels by the end of the July 2021.  This reasonable expectation gives us enough confidence to start selling so that we can get those Loom documents into your hands right away!


  • This product does not include the books listed in the reading assignments.
  • According to Lampstand Press copyright policy, digital products (or printouts of them) cannot be transferred, loaned, or resold.  See Terms and Conditions page for more details.

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