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Many new homeschoolers have never had the opportunity to solidify their grasp of the sweep of history.  Thus, they feel a bit intimidated by the thought of teaching this story to young children.  Others feel that they grasp the flow of history for themselves, but don’t know how to begin to simplify it for their kids.  In this Guidebook, parents will encounter a brisk, simple style of storytelling that we think will engage, teach, and encourage them as they look to the task of teaching history to their students.

This volume is the equivalent of the full Tapestry of Grace teacher’s notes for the Primer Handbook.  It is meant as supplemental reading each week for teachers who are new to the story of history.  Written in a simple style that hits the high points and gives teaching parents the “big picture,” the Guidebook is a “must have” for this program.  Our book is 404 pages long, and it is available in both print and digital formats.  To access your digital format, make sure you have logged in and then visit the Tapestry Primer page.

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