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Parents and Students Share Their Experiences

The homeschooling journey is not undertaken lightly. It can be a long and sometimes weary trek, especially if you’re unsure of the final outcome. Here, we’ve gathered (many unsolicited) testimonials of the good experiences of families that have persevered with Tapestry of Grace. In a few cases, we’ve also heard from graduated students who share their memories and/or how Tapestry studies prepared them for college and/or life.

Tapestry grad is off to PHC!

“We’ll be graduating our oldest in a few weeks. I can’t believe how fast this time has gone. We have used Tapestry from the beginning of our homeschool journey back in 2003 and I want to thank you all for the wonderful education my son has received through the curriculum. He was accepted at a number of colleges, some that are not easy to get into, and time after time we were told how impressed the admissions department was with the depth of his education, especially history and literature. In August he will begin what we pray will be a wonderful four years at Patrick Henry College as a history major. A little mommy brag alert, but also a TOG brag alert: Ben received the Herodotus Scholarship at PHC. So thank you Marcia, Dana, Christy, et al, we love you and appreciate you and will keep praying for your efforts.” – Karen

An amusing aside…

“Here’s an amusing aside—two 11th grade students from our rhetoric co-op (my son and another young lady) were on separate college visits in which they sat in on a class (not the same college). The female student was sitting in a literature class when the professor asked something about poetry (I can’t remember exactly what). None of the college students knew the answer, so she timidly raised her hand and provided the answer since it was something we had learned from TOG. For my son, he was sitting in a New Testament class when the teacher brought up allusion, and he had to explain it to the students while my son sat in the back and smiled, knowing the term already from TOG. They had fun reporting these incidents back to the rest of the kids in co-op!”

My professors built on the base my parents laid using TOG

“I did have an excellent education in college, but I’ll tell you a secret—I had an even better education in TOG. Really! My college professors were WONDERFUL, but they just deepened and broadened what was already there. I truly feel that if I had never gone to college, I still would have rich education, a mind awake, a rounded soul, and an ability to tackle new areas of study as they come my way through life. I think that this knowledge helped me not to fret over grades in college or gorge myself on information (though I certainly had a feast!), but just to enjoy every minute of it.

“Because of that, I remain aware of the great debt that I owe my parents for their patient, wise, enthusiastic, and balanced instruction in high school. They helped me to become a complete person before I ever went to college, and kept me from treating higher education as the be-all and end-all. I fear that many kids think that their education doesn’t matter until they get to college, and I’m so glad I didn’t have that mentality! I know I’m a far richer person for it. I still think of my parents as my best teachers, even if they didn’t know as much information as my college professors. Information is just information: I’m grateful for it, but it was my parents who taught me how to love God and learn.” – C.J. Somerville