A New Tapestry Product!

Check out our newest product, Tapestry Stages!

Check out our newest product, Tapestry Stages!

      Tapestry Stages enables families to buy just the learning levels they need. This provides wonderful flexibility to tailor this curriculum to your homeschool!

Tapestry Stages will also include some new helpful tools! We will be reintroducing booklists into Stages, adding Planning Aids to the grammar levels, and including MapAids for each level.

Stages will include four main components: (See sample here)

  • The Guidebook: This will include all the background information from World Book articles, so that you can grab that section for your own preparation. We will also be offering these as bound books so you can have it handy for preparation on the go.
  • The Multi-level handbook: This will have all the “levels at a glance” pages, so no matter the ages of your kids you can see what each one is learning. We also want to keep the flexibility of moving your child’s reading up or down a level as needed.
  • Student workbook: we will have these by level so you can just print up what you need for each student. These will include blank maps for their geography work.
  • Teacher’s manual: These will be divided by level, giving you the answers for any literature worksheets your student has done, or map work. We will also have the discussion scripts included here for your convenience.

We will be offering Stages as a rolling release this year, with the first unit of all four year plans available now! Because we are rolling it out this year we will be offering Stages only as a digital, printable PDF. Next year we will be adding an in-print option.

What if you are a current Tapestry Redesign DE customer?

For those of you who already own Redesign in the digital edition, we will continue to offer you book updates as we have promised. Your curriculum will not change or become obsolete. If you have friends who buy Stages, you will still be able to do Tapestry studies together. Stages is just meant to be a little more flexible for our Tapestry families.

What will this cost?

The Grammar levels will be $70/level and the Dialectic and Rhetoric levels will be $100/level. BUT, you will receive a discount, depending on how many levels you buy.

Stages cost

We value our large families and we want to continue to make Tapestry an affordable option for you! When you buy all four learning levels you will not be paying any more than you would have if you bought Tapestry Redesign, you will actually save some money!

Check out a sample of the curriculum here!

Do You Want to Win a Historical Minifigure?

As you know, we love history and anything that helps bring history to life. We also love Minifigures and all those little plastic blocks, so we wanted to find a way to combine the two!

After showing them off at conferences all year, we know how much kids and adults enjoy these sets. So we wanted to do a giveaway to help enrich your homeschool in the beginning of October.

There will be four winners, each winner getting one of these sets*:

We love history and fun activities that will enrich your child's schooling.

  1. Greece and Roman minifigure accessories*
  2. Vikings and Knights minifigure accessories*
  3. Patriot and Medic minifigure accessories*
  4. World War II American and German soldier minifigure accessories*

(*Note: these are only the accessories, no mini figures are included)

Also, the viking helmet historically did not have horns. When we put the set together, we debated whether or not we should include the horns. We decided to keep them since children tend to associate horns with vikings. But, if your children have studied the vikings and know that they should not have horns, the horns are removable.

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment telling us which is your favorite accessory pack, then enter your name and email into the Rafflecopter giveaway. We will be contacting the winners on October 9th, as well as posting the announcements on social media.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Helping Homeschool Families Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Mike and I have been so encouraged to see how homeschoolers are rallying around each other during this tragic storm and flooding. It will take a long time for these people to rebuild, and as a homeschooling family ourselves, we are aware of how hard it will be to try to continue to homeschool. So often the insurance helps these families take care of the necessities, but being able to continue to educate their children is something dear to all of our hearts.

Let us know if you lost curriculum due to Harvey! We want to help you recover. If you want to donate towards Tapestry families see the post to donate.

A Tapestry co-op mom posted on Facebook asking for help for Tapestry families in her co-op whose homes were flooded with anywhere from 3-5 feet of water. Many of you jumped in with curriculum that you could help them out with, but others asked if there was a way for them to donate money to help these families get the books and curriculum they need.

For those who want to contribute we will be putting a special product in our store, which will be a Harvey gift certificate. All proceeds from the sale of these gift certificates will be given to Tapestry families affected by hurricane Harvey to buy the Tapestry curriculum they need. We will be contributing the curriculum to them at cost, so that the donations can go as far as possible.

If there are more funds than families who need them, we will donate the rest to a charity organization helping the affected states that can disburse the funds to an even wider group.

If you or other families you know have lost homeschool curriculum due to hurricane Harvey, please fill out this google document, so we can help you get the homeschooling curriculum you need. We will either ship it to where you are staying, or can hold it for you until you are in stable housing again.

Two other ways to give:

One of the Tapestry co-ops affected have set up a fundraiser to help raise money to replace all the school supplies they need to replace. Please see the link here.

HSLDA is collecting donations for those affected by the hurricane. You can find out more information here.

It is wonderful to see our community of homeschoolers rally around each other!