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Myth Busters Series: Accurate Information Straight From Lampstand Press
September 29, 2014 – 2:31 pm | 6 Comments | 6 Comments

You know how it is: it’s like that telephone game. Everyone stands in a circle. The first person says a sentence into the ear of the next person on her right. That person then whispers …

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Myth Busters Series: Accurate Information Straight From Lampstand Press
September 29, 2014 – 2:31 pm | 6 Comments | 6 Comments

Boys Telling SecretsYou know how it is: it’s like that telephone game. Everyone stands in a circle. The first person says a sentence into the ear of the next person on her right. That person then whispers what she thought she heard into the next person’s ear, on her right. After it’s gone through about ten people, it gets back around to the originator. The person to the left of the originator announces to the group what she heard, then the originator tells what she started with. Sometimes, it’s hilariously garbled; sometimes it’s just plain wrong. Almost always, it’s distorted.

The same garbling can happen when we homeschoolers share about various curriculum programs.  Say that you are exploring new programs and want to know about a product or service, ideally–in the early stages at least–from those who aren’t selling it.

The Internet and social media outlets make it easy and natural to ask a bunch of folks about it generally. So, we throw out a question: “Has anyone had any experience with…?”  Sometimes, what echoes back to you can be helpful and accurate, but other times you get either strongly worded opinions (positive or negative) or hearsay that simply amounts to disinformation. While asking the Internet has its place, we think it’s also good to get the story “straight from the horse’s mouth.” And since homeschooling family dynamics differ so widely, we also think it’s wise to do your own research by trying samples, calling a company’s customer support reps to ask questions, and then starting slow with the product, if it seems that this is the program for you.

How best to serve questioners? To go out into social media groups and try to explain how information about us has been garbled can be risky: we can seem to be defensive or argumentative, and that’s not our posture! (Nor is it a good use of our time, frankly.) We are a ministry devoted to making Christian, Classical, history-driven homeschooling as accessible, attainable, and affordable as we can. We have a small staff and a lot of great products to support, and we’re busy developing new ones all the time. But, we do want those who “ask the Internet” to get good information on key topics, so that those who are searching for accurate, truthful answers to questions about our products can find it here (and link others to it, should that be a need).

We’ve decided to write a series of “myth buster” posts. Each one is designed to give the straight scoop on an aspect of our products that we hear has become garbled by the telephone game on the Internet. We have no wish to criticize anyone directly: far from it! We blame no one for this garbling: everyone that we know of is doing their level best to communicate what they believe to be true.

But, the reality is that often, when new customers do call us to verify what they’ve heard, we are dismayed at the degree to which wrong information has been transmitted. We know that Tapestry products aren’t for everyone, but we do want those for whom they are well suited to learn about them and have the chance to make the most well-informed decision that they can.

Below are some topics that we plan to address. As we write these posts, we’ll link them here so that this will become not only an introduction but, as it were, a table of contents. (Each post will also link back to this introduction each time so that those coming in in media res can understand what this series is intended for.)

If you have a question about this series or our products, or have heard some topic that you’d like us to address that’s not listed, feel free to tell us about it by means of a comment below. If you have come here looking for answers to your questions, we hope that these posts will be helpful as you sort out your options for curriculum purchases! And beyond these topics, if you are a newcomer to Tapestry products, we invite you to do some primary research and find out from us about our vision and our products by visiting our website!


  1. Doesn’t Marcia Somerville, author of Tapestry of Grace, recommend starting the program when your kids are in 5th grade or above?
  2. Many say that Tapestry’s approach for the Grammar level (Grades 1-6) is so rigorous that it amounts to “drill and kill”! Is that true?
  3. Everyone says that Tapestry expensive to use! Is it?
  4. Isn’t there a lot of teacher preparation needed each week with Tapestry?
  5. Should we buy Tapestry Primer for K-1′s if we’re already using Tapestry of Grace with older children?
  6. In what ways is Tapestry a Classical Education program? (Related: What is Classical Education?)
  7. People say that Tapestry isn’t a complete program. Is that right?
  8. I’ve heard that Tapestry is far too much work for the average student. What do you say?
  9. Should I buy Tapestry Primer only if I’m planning to use Tapestry of Grace, or is it for anyone starting out?
  10. Buying used copies of Tapestry of Grace seems smart: are there any hidden costs and benefits that I should know about?
  11. Why do I need a Loom disc if I’m buying used Tapestry year-plans?
  12. I’ve heard that Tapestry teaches Literature and History at a level way beyond normal high school. Is that really true?




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