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What is the game all about? At Lampstand Press, we have long had a desire to provide a tool for reinforcing the memory work that goes with a classical education. After prayer and thought, we decided that playing games with cards would be fun, effective, and go with the overall strength of Tapestry products: the ability to use this tool with children on multiple learning levels.

We think that your children will be delighted as they work their way through the Primer program and Tapestry of Grace–or any history curriculum for that matter–and are able to play more and more interesting game variants with these cards. Some game variants require other players, and some can be played solo. All multi-player variants can be played with students on differing learning levels.

What do you get? The “base” or “starter” deck — Remember Who? — includes 117 cards that feature full-color, original illustrations of key people on their front sides and information about each person on their backs, complete with sequencing numbers that order the whole deck. Included in the game play options are such activities as sequencing, matching, and recitation, which are in some cases spiced with competition.

In ordering these cards, you’ll get detailed instructions for four games that double as divider cards (for ease in organization). We also provide a link to a hidden page of our website that offers a printable copy of each game variant’s rules (in case you lose them) and also correlates all of the cards with particular week-plans from Years 1-4 of Tapestry of Grace.

IMPORTANT: Remember Who? cards are delivered in a snug, resealable baggie.

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