"The class has been good for my daughter. Her motivation in all her studies has improved as she has been challenged by fitting it all in."

"My two daughters are already asking to be enrolled in the Learning Center for Year 2! We have all been very pleased and have been recommending it to others. Great job!"

3-Step Registration Process

Before you apply, please click on the links below to understand these important policies and guidelines:

NOTE: Student Email Accounts -- We recommend that each student have his own personal email account. Its purpose is direct communication with his or her teacher - all parents are cc'ed on each email. It also allows access to our LLC Moodle forum emails in a timely manner. If your student doesn't have an email address there are many free options that you may use to get him one - Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

Important Registration Information - Please read before you begin registration.

  • Full tuition is due when you register for your course.
  • We do offer a payment plan for those that are not able to pay upfront: click HERE for details.
  • All LLC participants will need to download the 2014 Digital Edition of the appropriate year-plan. If you don't already own a Digital Edition of the year-plan that your student will need for his/her LLC classes, then part of the registration process will include purchasing the curriculum.
  • If you need to upgrade your current Print Only format of Tapestry to the Digital Edition (so that you can access the most current 2014 copyright), you will need to have your upgrade processed BEFORE you register for classes. This process could take up to two weeks, so please begin now! You will need to find your Loom CD, fill out the appropriate upgrade form found at the Help Center on the website, and submit the Loom CD with the upgrade form to our office for processing.