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20 Gifts for Book Lovers

Are you looking for some gifts for the book lovers in your life, or maybe some gift ideas to give to your friends and family. We have collected some of our favorite book related gifts that are unique and beautiful!Here are some great gift ideas for yourself or the book lovers in your life!

Are you looking for some great home decor? These options are all pretty and help express how much you love books, while at the same time looking beautiful, not tacky. Here are some great gift ideas for yourself or the book lovers in your life!

  1. These wooden bookends are so pretty!
  2. Another great option are these pretty metal bookends.
  3. I love this desk organizer!
  4. Fun coasters add so much to your end tables!
  5. I love how this wall clock is both pretty to look at and shows your love of books!
  6. Check out this fun couch pillow
  7. This C.S. Lewis Quote is perfect.

Here are some fun clothing and accessories that show off your deep seated love of good literature. Here are some great gift ideas for yourself or the book lovers in your life!

        1. This book necklace comes with a pretty initial pendant.
        2. I love this ampersand necklace
        3. This is a wonderful collection of classic book illustrations on pretty t-shirts.
        4. This book nerd t-shirt is adorable!
        5. This satchel is a true book bag and is beautiful!

Here you have some fun mugs to drink your favorite hot drink while curled up with your favorite book. I also can’t get enough of those book dishes!

Here are some great gift ideas for yourself or the book lovers in your life!

      1. This mug shows off some beautiful classic book covers.
      2. This mug shows off the beautiful illustrations of Penguin Classics.
      3. This mug goes from a plain black mug to a mug full of books as it gets filled with a hot drink!
      4. These book plates are beautiful and would dress up any table setting!

Here are some wonderful ways to label your books and keep track of what you are reading! Here are some great gift ideas for yourself or the book lovers in your life!

      1. This personalized stamp is both pretty and functional! It will be easy to know who your books belong to.
      2. Being able to label your books is a great benefit, especially when you want to lend the books to a friend. Your biggest challenge with this gift is that the children will take it to play library.
      3. Washi tape is so fun to use to decorate a journal or make a greeting card. This washi tape is so pretty.
      4. Keep track of all the books you are reading with this official reading journal.

With all these wonderful gift ideas to choose from, you should have no problem finishing up your shopping list!

Our Favorite Books Gift List!

Every year, when Christmas comes around we seem to be looking for the perfect gift to delight our children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren.Here are some favorite books that make wonderful Christmas gifts

We have selected some of our favorites that are used in our Tapestry curriculum. But, these books are not only a part of Tapestry’s curriculum, they are also classics that you will treasure reading aloud to your children and grandchildren.

Picture Books to Enjoy:

The 20th Century Children’s Book Treasury has some of the wonderful modern classics that are a delight to read. Wonderful books to give for ChristmasI love having them all in one volume and have given this as a gift to my nieces and nephews!

Ingri and Edgar Parin D’aulaire have written and illustrated some wonderful classics that delight all ages. They combine beautiful illustrations with historical stories that bring history to life in their many books.Wonderful books to give for Christmas These books are used over many of our four year Tapestry cycle and we delight in them every time we come across another one!

James Herriot

We all love James Herriot and his delightful stories about animals. This treasury has gorgeous illustrations and includes so many of his wonderful stories to share with your children. Wonderful books to give for Christmas

Aesop’s Fables:

I love taking the time to simply look at the amazing illustrations in this book. I would get this book only for the artwork, but fables are also delightfully retold!Wonderful books to give for Christmas

David Macaulay

David Macaulay has created some beautiful works of art in his amazing pencil drawings of beautiful buildings.Wonderful books to give for Christmas These books will delight those who love to draw and your child who wants to see how these buildings of history were built.

Kingfisher Atlas:

If there was ever an atlas that you would want to pore over and read each tiny detail, this would be the atlas. It is beautifully illustrated with maps that go from ancient civilizations to modern day countries.

Wonderful books to give for Christmas

It is meant for younger students, so it does not have as many details as your average atlas, but it tells a story through geography that makes it seem alive.

Craft Books:

These historical figures are so much fun to make. They are like more elaborate paper dolls, which will delight both boys and girls!Wonderful books to give for Christmas There are many choices from all time periods of history!

Books for older children:

Homer Price

This book is full of all the delightful adventures of Homer Price. It is lighthearted and funny, bringing many laughs to the child reading it! Wonderful books to give for Christmas

Amazing Leonardo DaVinci Inventions You can Build Yourself: Do you have a crafty young teen who loves to make things? This book provides wonderful ways to try to recreate DaVinci’s inventions!Wonderful books to give for Christmas

Aladdin and Other Tales from the Arabian Nights: This book brings to life the delightful stories from the Arabian Nights and introduces your children to the non-Disney version of Aladdin!Wonderful books to give for Christmas

Some other wonderful classics to choose from:

For more book ideas, check out Bookshelf Central. If you want to see how we fit all these books into a historical timeline, check out our whole book curriculum, Tapestry of Grace.

Here are some wonderful book gift ideas for the children in your life!

A Delightful Combination

The fabulous combination of Classical Education and Charlotte Mason that makes up Tapestry of Grace.When I first started researching curriculum for my family, I knew I wanted one that both used quality books in the way that Charlotte Mason encourages, and gave us the depth and worldview training that a Classical education promises. I was thrilled to realize that I could get all of that by using Tapestry of Grace! Using this curriculum, I knew that I would be able to give my kids a rich education in the humanities. This made me very excited!

But, I had three young children and a very busy life. Among other things, we had just moved to a new city. I knew that my good planning intentions would quickly fall apart as things began to get busy. So, I added my voice to others who had been asking for a chart that would break Tapestry’s weekly assignments into daily, bite-sized pieces. The danger of making such requests when you are involved in the family business is that you get pulled into the project! I was drafted to help! But, since I love planning and making schedules, I was happy to jump into it.

As I dove into the Planning Aids project and started looking through all the books, I learned some interesting things about the curriculum that I want to share with you.

First, the book selection is amazing! The quality of the books and the fabulous illustrations distracted me! I would catch myself getting caught up in some of the assignments when I was just supposed to be assigning daily readings by page number. As I looked through all the books, I became even more convinced that Tapestry of Grace is amazing! If you are looking for a curriculum that embraces a Charlotte Mason approach for younger students, this is a fabulous choice. Glancing ahead, I saw that Tapestry would grow with my students, providing a high-quality, classical approach to learning at the Dialectic (Jr. High) and Rhetoric (High School) levels. Tapestry gives us all the tools for that, too!

Second, I love the amount of “non-western” history that Tapestry covers in both the book list and the weekly topics. Here I found the kind of integration that I want in my children’s humanities curriculum. I want my children to know that there is more to the world than Europe and North America. Tapestry includes information about Africa, China, India, the Middle East, South America, and Canada, fitting it into appropriate places for Western students. Tapestry of Grace covers subjects, countries and histories all over the world.

Third, I learned that Year 2 (the Fall of Rome through the American Colonial period) is my favorite year of Tapestry! I know I am biased (because it includes my favorite time period in history), but between the amazing books and the wonderful hands on activities that can be integrated with the learning, I decided that if I needed to spread any one Tapestry year over two years, I would pick Year 2.

It’s worth saying again. As I have worked with the curriculum over the past several years, I have been so delighted to see that at the Grammar levels, Tapestry is strongly committed to Charlotte Mason’s principles, while embracing a richly classical approach, as well. Tapestry has delightful living books for you to read aloud.  It encourages discussion and narration rather than worksheets. Yet, in what I think is a perfect blend, Tapestry flows into a more traditionally classical approach as it encourages Socratic discussion and the reading of as many original works as is feasible for the age of the student at the Dialectic and Rhetoric levels. I am so excited for the humanities education that I will be able to give my children using Tapestry of Grace for their homeschool!

If you want to see all the books we use in Tapestry of Grace, check out our sister company, Bookshelf Central! If you want to see firsthand how we integrate all the subjects while keeping your whole family on the same time period, check out our three week sample!