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Supplement Highlight: Evaluations

Tapestry of Grace offers a wonderful Evaluations packet for those who want to use tests and quizzes with their students.When you use a whole book based program that emphasizes discussion, your kids get a wonderful, rich education. But sometimes it helps them to have a way to show what they have learned. This is where we offer Evaluations for each level. This set of tests, quizzes, and exams are custom designed for each learning level of Tapestry students. These tests help you to see how much content of each lesson your children are absorbing, and can also help solidify the things they have already learned.

At the Grammar levels, the evaluations are cumulative, usually covering a few weeks at a time, where the topics have been focused on the same theme. For instance, the first three weeks of year 1 covers Egypt. So the cumulative quiz asks questions about the Pyramids, Mummies and Pharaoh, all of which were covered in those three weeks.

Evaluations at the grammar levels consist of True\False quizzes, oral quizzes, and for the Upper Grammar students, the occasional short answer questions. For all the quizzes, there are answers keys and grading guides for the teacher.

Tapestry of Grace offers a wonderful Evaluations packet for those who want to use tests and quizzes with their students.

If you want to adapt them for multiple uses, other families have also used the quiz questions to create history sentences for memory work, or they use the questions and answers to have simple copy work for their younger students.

At the Dialectic and Rhetoric Levels, Evaluations are weekly. They include short answer questions and essay questions for your student to answer. In addition to the weekly questions, there is also a review guide for the unit and a unit exam. Not only is History covered, but there is also a unit Literature test, so you can be sure your student is learning the important literature terms.

At the upper levels, we provide you, the teacher, with the tools to figure out how to best determine a grade for your student when you review their short answers or essays.

Evaluations is a fabulous tool to provide you with another way to help your student get all the benefits from the learning tools Tapestry provides!

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Highlighting Supplements: Map Aids

How to use Map Aids to learn geography in a simple wayTeaching Geography intimidated me. I assumed there is some magical formula to make sure kids learned land forms and countries, but since I wasn’t privy to those secrets I was going to ruin my kids’ education.

Then I began to do Tapestry’s Map Aids. I was amazed at how simple it was to include geography as my kids were studying history. And it made so much sense to me that they would learn their geography by seeing where historical events were taking place. I also enjoy that my little one can do a coloring project, but my older students will be doing more in depth studies on the geography of a particular area.

Map Aids comes as a download with a set of student maps, for the student to draw locations and land forms, and a teacher’s map that gives you the answers. If you want more in depth studies, the Student Activity Pages also includes other places to note in their reading and things to look for on an atlas.

In our home, we use Map Aids to keep our geography very simple. After looking at the location that we are learning about on a globe, we pull out the Map Aids student maps and have fun with it.

  • I keep a stock of glitter glue to trace the boundaries of the countries and land forms. An older student could also use it to show the location of capitals or the continents.Using Tapestry's Map Aids, trace a map using glitter glue
  • I make sure we have fun markers to color in countries, rivers or deserts.Using Tapestry's Map Aids, color in the countries to learn their locations
  • Some days we use tracing paper to trace each country or continent. Kids love tracing things!Using Tapestry's Map Aids, the kids love using tracing paper to learn the boundaries of Africa
  • Using a cork board, we use pins to show a place, mark a city, or just outline the country and rivers. The kids love outlining a country and rivers using pins!

Map Aids has made our geography so simple, but has helped our children make great connections as they are studying history. If you want to get a sample of one of our maps, download a world and continents map!

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Highlighting Supplements: Planning Aids

Planning Aids is such a wonderful convenience product that gives you a daily schedule for your Tapestry of Grace studies.Planning Aids is a wonderful convenience product that helps Grammar-level teachers use Tapestry of Grace. In Tapestry, all the information you need is in the Reading Assignment charts. But, Planning Aids breaks down the Grammar-level assignments into a day-by-day checklist so you don’t have to. It is so convenient!

I love this, and it allows me to assign my Upper Grammar student her daily tasks (without having to write it out for her each week). I simply pull out the 4-day Planning Aids schedule and highlight her assignments. Done! I know I could do it myself, but it saves me so much time!

For my Lower Grammar students, I use it to get a quick overview of everything that I need to do with them for that week. Planning Aids allows me to look at all the assignments quickly. Then, if I need more information, I look at the specific pages in the curriculum.

Here’s another time-saver. On the first page of the materials for each week, Planning Aids lists out what you can easily skip, as well as all of the books that you will need AND the key ingredients that you will need for the suggested hands-on activity for that week. It’s all in one place on one page! The first page of Planning Aids tells you what supplies you need and what you can skip.

Then, Planning Aids gives you four planning options: a standard 5-day-a-week schedule, a 4-day-a-week schedule, a 2 week schedule, and a custom template that you can fill in exactly the way you want! Here are four different schedules to use with Planning Aids.

In case you were wondering, we made a careful decision NOT to make planning aids for the Dialectic and Rhetoric levels. We felt that it is so important for students to grow in independence and in taking ownership of their work. We felt that they should be learning to plan their own days at that level. They have time that you (as busy moms of Grammar-aged kids) don’t. This does not mean that they have to do it all on their own. They will probably need training and oversight from you. But, teaching them the skill of planning their work is worth the oversight time that you will need to invest.

Want to know more? You can download a full week of Planning Aids with the assignments filled in for you at our samples page. If you want to see the layout we use, here is a blank Upper Grammar and Lower Grammar worksheet that you can fill in for yourself!

Finding Books in the Library Using the Reading Assignment Charts

library-call-numbersThe Reading Assignment chart is an amazing document. It helps you see at a glance what all your children are reading on their level in a given week. But, not only does it have all the books and assignments listed, we have also filled it with all available library call numbers!Library call numbers

We all know a good library system is an invaluable resource, but finding the right books can take time. With the library call numbers listed, if you are heading to the grocery store and have five minutes to dash into the library, you can head straight to the right shelf and see if they have the book you need to finish this week’s assignments.

At the grammar levels the call numbers help tremendously because those books are easily substituted for another book. If you are looking on the library shelves for a book on ancient Egypt and they don’t have the one Tapestry assigned, you will already be near the right shelves and can grab a similar book to substitute instead!

This means that your next trip to the library can be as fast or as leisurely as you want it to be!