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A New Tapestry Product!

Check out our newest product, Tapestry Stages!

Check out our newest product, Tapestry Stages!

      Tapestry Stages enables families to buy just the learning levels they need. This provides wonderful flexibility to tailor this curriculum to your homeschool!

Tapestry Stages will also include some new helpful tools! We will be reintroducing booklists into Stages, adding Planning Aids to the grammar levels, and including MapAids for each level.

Stages will include four main components: (See sample here)

  • The Guidebook: This will include all the background information from World Book articles, so that you can grab that section for your own preparation. We will also be offering these as bound books so you can have it handy for preparation on the go.
  • The Multi-level handbook: This will have all the “levels at a glance” pages, so no matter the ages of your kids you can see what each one is learning. We also want to keep the flexibility of moving your child’s reading up or down a level as needed.
  • Student workbook: we will have these by level so you can just print up what you need for each student. These will include blank maps for their geography work.
  • Teacher’s manual: These will be divided by level, giving you the answers for any literature worksheets your student has done, or map work. We will also have the discussion scripts included here for your convenience.

We will be offering Stages as a rolling release this year, with the first unit of all four year plans available now! Because we are rolling it out this year we will be offering Stages only as a digital, printable PDF. Next year we will be adding an in-print option.

What if you are a current Tapestry Redesign DE customer?

For those of you who already own Redesign in the digital edition, we will continue to offer you book updates as we have promised. Your curriculum will not change or become obsolete. If you have friends who buy Stages, you will still be able to do Tapestry studies together. Stages is just meant to be a little more flexible for our Tapestry families.

What will this cost?

The Grammar levels will be $70/level and the Dialectic and Rhetoric levels will be $100/level. BUT, you will receive a discount, depending on how many levels you buy.

Stages cost

We value our large families and we want to continue to make Tapestry an affordable option for you! When you buy all four learning levels you will not be paying any more than you would have if you bought Tapestry Redesign, you will actually save some money!

Check out a sample of the curriculum here!

Live Online Classes with Lampstand Learning Center

Online classes are a wonderful benefit for homeschool students, especially those who want more peer interaction. They also help the homeschool mom by taking some of the planning and discussion load off of her. At Tapestry we offer live online classes through the Lampstand Learning Center.

Do you want your student to learn from excellent teachers? The Lampstand Learning Center has wonderful online live classes for your student!

These classes are taught by skilled teachers who have a lot of experience in both homeschooling as well as teaching classes online. Many of these teachers have graduated their own homeschooled students, so they value the benefits of homeschooling while encouraging students to learn to operate in a classroom like setting. These teachers know how to hold your student accountable for their work and how to challenge them to do the best they can in their classes.

It is so good for students to learn to be accountable to someone outside of their parents. It is also helpful for older students to have another voice confirming what you have been telling them. They may think you are overly picky about school, but then their online teacher tells them the same things about how they need to improve in their schooling, or come to discussion better prepared!

These classes are engaging because they are real-time classes. The students are not answering questions from a taped video. Instead they are able to meet other students who have different views than they do.  They learn to interact in a classroom setting where they get to reason and try to defend their point of view. Their opinions can be challenged by their peers, helping students to define what they believe and why they believe it. These discussions can get wonderfully lively when multiple students are discussing a topic together!

Students also benefit from sitting under a different teaching style than your own. Through these classes they learn to adjust to a different teacher’s standards and grading. This will give them skills for both college and relating to different types of bosses in their future jobs.

Another major benefit of an online class is that it frees up a lot of time in your schedule. Rather than having to prepare for a discussion, host the weekly discussion, and then grade your student’s work, you are able to focus on administrating the school week. When you feel inadequate to teach writing, for instance, you can sign them up for a writing class. You will feel confident that through that writing class they will learn from a skilled teacher.

As the parent, you are there during the week to answer questions, guide their work and help them as they are learning to be more independent in their schooling. This also frees you up to focus on the younger students you have in the home, so that they don’t get left out of the fun of their read-alouds and history projects!

This year we are also offering a class for the Upper Grammar students where they begin to have History and Literature discussions, as well as an Upper Grammar writing and grammar course.

Although we are focused on Tapestry related subjects, this coming school year we are offering some wonderful electives. These are not Tapestry related, but will have the same excellent content and teachers that the LLC consistently offers. These electives are Logic, Economics, Government, Health and Wellness, and a grammar elective.

Check out all our online classes here, and see which ones will benefit your homeschool!

Encouragement for the Homeschooling Mom

Winter can be a tough season of homeschooling. The excitement of new books, and a new year of curriculum wanes. The holidays are over, and sick days start to happen, adding to the feeling of never being in a good schooling rhythm. As the homeschooling mom, you may be so aware of how you are failing at your earlier plans and ideals.This book provides so much encouragement for the homeschooling mom

Now is a wonderful time to seek homeschool encouragement from seasoned homeschoolers. There is so much help out there to regain perspective and encouragement from other moms who have gone before you. Sitting down with another homeschooling mom, or even talking to one online can help ease the discouragement and give you fresh encouragement to keep on this homeschooling journey.

During times of discouragement, I also like to seek out good books that will remind me of why I started homeschooling in the first place and what my goals were in the first place.These are some of my favorite books that help me with homeschooling.

There are so many wonderful books on homeschooling. One of my favorites is Love the Journey. This is the perfect book to bring your view back from the day to day inadequacies and disappointments you feel. It will remind you of what is most important and how to steadily achieve the goals that matter in life and to your family in particular.This book provides so much encouragement for the homeschooling mom

Love the Journey will give you fresh excitement for the rest of the year, as well as tools to evaluate your own homeschool. It will help you decide if you have really gone off track from your plans, or if you are achieving the goals you want to be a part of your homeschool, you just can’t see that in the busyness of life.

I have taken to collecting some of my favorite quotes from Love the Journey, and putting them up on the blog. I hope you find fresh encouragement to finish your school year well!

This book provides so much encouragement for the homeschooling mom

This book provides so much encouragement for the homeschooling mom

Color Your Way Through History!

Do you ever feel frustrated during reading aloud time? For me, once I have finally gotten everyone together to listen to our wonderful history or literature book…the squirming starts!

Allow your young student to color while you read about history! See samples at the bottom of the post.

There are so many wonderful options for those times, like Lego’s or Play-Doh. But sometimes I want something that directly connects with the topics we are studying. I love to be able to pull out these activities books. My girls pick a picture that we are studying, and start coloring. Allow your young student to color while you read about history! See samples at the bottom of the post.

The activity books were originally written to go along with the Tapestry Primer curriculum, but since they are chronological, they go well with the full Tapestry program, or any chronological history program. The pages include a number of different activities, including map work, mazes, matching, simple writing, and famous people.

Allow your young student to color while you read about history! See samples at the bottom of the post.

My kids love to color, and they learn so much by having something to do while I read to them. To buy a set of these pages, visit here. To Download a large sample of the pictures, visit here!

Poetics: A Wonderful Literary Analysis Textbook

“Poetics” used to mean simply “literature.” Aristotle used the word as a title for his book about the history and basic working principles of literature. Aristotle’s book became a classic in his time and ever since, but so much has been added to literature that it is no longer a complete guide for modern students. Poetics is a wonderful Literary handbook for highschool

We searched for years to find a single text that would combine good lists, examples, and explanations of literary analysis tools with a history of the important literary periods. We felt that this would add so much to our Tapestry Literature curriculum. Since we could not find one that fit those things, we asked one of our Tapestry literature authors, Christina Somerville, to write a new Poetics for the modern Christian student.

Because we care so much about worldview studies, we also got permission to include James W. Sire’s descriptions of the basic historical worldviews (from his book, The Universe Next Door) in Poetics. Our literary handbook describes and explains literature-shaping worldviews like Buddhism and Hinduism, Deism, Naturalism (also called Atheism), Existentialism, and more. Poetics is a wonderful Literary handbook for highschool

Poetics covers the whole history of Western literature from ancient to modern. Because it is so comprehensive, our Poetics has proven a useful resource for all of the following standard course titles:

  • World Literature I
  • World Literature II
  • British Literature I
  • British Literature II
  • American Literature

We hear many stories about how Poetics has helped students to understand the difference between truth and artistry, to become interested in literature, to recognize worldview beliefs in stories, and to love the Bible as a work of artistic truth. We are so glad that so many students have benefited from using this volume!

Poetics is a wonderful Literary handbook for highschool

Highlighting Supplements: Pop Quiz

Pop quiz is a wonderful set of Cd’s that gives an overview of history being learned each week with Tapestry of Grace.

Pop quiz is a wonderful audio overview of the history we study using Tapestry of Grace

These Cd’s are designed for Dads (or whichever parent is not homeschooling) to be able to listen to them in the car on their way to work so that they can take part of history discussions around the dinner table.

Along with the Cd’s comes a set of cards with questions for each learning level. These questions allow Dad to ask questions of all the students  and engage with them at their level. It also allows him to dig deeper into discussion with his older students.Pop quiz is a wonderful Cd that enables Dad to listen along to the history the rest of the family is learning.

Another thing we have learned from our families is that many moms are also using Pop Quiz. For some, it is just easier to listen to the Cd in preparation for the week, rather than reading the Teacher’s Notes. For others, they enjoy listening to it in the car when they are driving the kids around to different activities. Pop Quiz is an easy way to get an overview of the history the family is learning that week! Pop quiz is a wonderful Cd that enables Dad to listen along to the history the rest of the family is learning.

We love that homeschooling can be a whole family experience! We know that Dad wants to be able to be in on the fun of family discussion time. This tool enables him to enjoy how much his children are learning from being at home. It is also a benefit to moms who want to be able to listen to the weekly overview rather than read the material.

If you want to hear a few weeks of Pop Quiz, go to the week samples and pick a sample week. Here I chose week 1 for you. On the right hand sidebar you can pick a sample to listen to!


Supplement Highlight: Big Story Game

The Big Story Game is a wonderful card game that reviews history in a fun, colorful way!

The Big Story Game is a wonderful card game that reviews history in a fun, colorful way!We developed the Big Story Game for the Primer student to add some additional fun to their history studies. But it is a wonderful card game that any child might delight in!

The Big Story Game is a set of cards that covers famous people from history that the kids learn about in Tapestry Primer or over the four years of Tapestry. These cards provide a fun, memorable way to review history and bring the whole family together in their studies.The Big Story Game is a wonderful card game that reviews history in a fun, colorful way!

There are instructions for four different ways to play games with the cards to help solidify the things they are learning. In one game, the student can line all their cards up in chronological order. This helps solidify in your child’s mind the order of historical people. Another option is to play a game where the players have to pair the cards with the other cards that are in the same era. There are some fun options that can be as easy or as hard as your kids need.The Big Story Game is a wonderful card game that reviews history in a fun, colorful way!

The illustrations on these cards are beautiful and my kids enjoy just looking through them and even my youngest loves holding up a card and asking me who someone is. I love how this kind of game promotes learning even out of school time!The Big Story Game is a wonderful card game that reviews history in a fun, colorful way!

If you are looking for a game for your children for Christmas, this is a fun one.Buy it here!

Supplement Highlight: Lapbooks

Lapbooks add so much fun to your schooling. We love using them to write about and review history!Lapbooks are a wonderful supplemental project for many different types of students. It benefits the young writer who gets overwhelmed at writing on a large piece of paper. Smaller lift-the-flap booklets feel more manageable! It benefits the hands-on learner who wants to craft while she writes about what she is learning in history, and it benefits the student who is getting bored with regular writing or discussion and just wants to mix up his school a little bit.Lapbooks add so much fun to your schooling. We love using them to write about and review history!

I have just started adding lapbooks into our school day, and I wish I had started a lot sooner! They have added delight to our school day, and the kits take me almost no time to set up!

Tapestry lapbooks are broken down into units. Each topic has a lift-the-flap type of booklet (or accordion style, or mini booklet…the variety keeps it from getting old). The booklets come with a variety of colors organized in a pretty color scheme.  Lapbooks add so much fun to your schooling. We love using them to write about and review history!

You can either choose a digital version, where you can print each page yourself, which is great for a lot of kids, or you can buy the kits where everything is pre-printed for you. I personally prefer the kits because they save me so much time.

The only thing you have to add to the kit is scissors, and lots of glue sticks as children do not skimp on the glue!

Each unit comes with a set of instructions that are easy to follow. We glued the card stock together according to the instructions and then began cutting out the pages. Lapbooks add so much fun to your schooling. We love using them to write about and review history!

We chose to only do the first few weeks, and have saved the other booklets to add as we come up to those weeks.

As we enter the holiday season, and then move into the cold of winter, lapbooks are a wonderful way to add some excitement back into your school!

You can buy the lapbook kits here. At $15 a unit, this deal is worth every penny!

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We have some fabulous information in this month’s newsletter. Sign up here to stay up to date on all the discounts, coupon codes and information we send out each month! Unfortunately, when you sign up we aren’t able to send you November’s newsletter right away, so we have posted the contest information for your benefit here! At the bottom of this post, there is also a free shipping code!

From the Newsletter:

We are excited to announce to you a contest that will last through the month of November. This year, we are offering prizes for the best pictures of you and/or your co-op with your completed hands-on activities. We want to see how you are enjoying Tapestry of Grace in your homes and groups. The winners’ pictures may be featured in our upcoming 2017 catalog, promotional materials, website, and/or conference materials.

Below are the details for entering the contest, along with what you can win!

  1. Submit a minimum of three photos with the best digital camera that you have. Send the three photos via email to our staff by November 30.
  2. Our staff will review the pictures submitted to decide which family’s entries would be a good fit for our promotional materials.
  3. If we choose your submissions, we may request a few more photographs that we can use and adapt for our needs. We will give you detailed information as to what we need in this regard

By entering the contest, please remember that you will be giving us permission to use your photos publicly. These photos will become the property of Lampstand Press. We appreciate it!

The winning family will receive the following:

  • A digital year-plan of your choice with EVERY related digital Supplement we offer (or digital access to all of the Primer products)!
  • A $25 gift certificate to Bookshelf Central
  • A softbound copy of Love the Journey

We will also select two runners-up, who will receive:

  • A digital year-plan of your choice
  • A softbound copy of Love the Journey