Do You Want to Win a Historical Minifigure?

As you know, we love history and anything that helps bring history to life. We also love Minifigures and all those little plastic blocks, so we wanted to find a way to combine the two!

After showing them off at conferences all year, we know how much kids and adults enjoy these sets. So we wanted to do a giveaway to help enrich your homeschool in the beginning of October.

There will be four winners, each winner getting one of these sets*:

We love history and fun activities that will enrich your child's schooling.

  1. Greece and Roman minifigure accessories*
  2. Vikings and Knights minifigure accessories*
  3. Patriot and Medic minifigure accessories*
  4. World War II American and German soldier minifigure accessories*

(*Note: these are only the accessories, no mini figures are included)

Also, the viking helmet historically did not have horns. When we put the set together, we debated whether or not we should include the horns. We decided to keep them since children tend to associate horns with vikings. But, if your children have studied the vikings and know that they should not have horns, the horns are removable.

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment telling us which is your favorite accessory pack, then enter your name and email into the Rafflecopter giveaway. We will be contacting the winners on October 9th, as well as posting the announcements on social media.

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86 thoughts on “Do You Want to Win a Historical Minifigure?

    1. Tami Cox

      I love the patriot and medic because they are different from what we already own. We LOVE using legos for history and for language arts. I am replying here because it would not allow me to post a new comment:)

  1. Taneil Lawton

    WWII Mini figures!! Who wouldn’t want to accessorizes their lego mini figures to look like men from the Greatest Generation?

  2. Cathy Fagg

    We love the vikings and knights! That’s the period we are studying right now, so it would be loads of fun to dress up our Legos for the Battle of Hastings!

  3. Catrin Joyner

    We would love to win a WWI or II character having just finished Unit 1 of Year 4 and getting ready for Unit 2. He would be our Dialectic and Rhetoric discussion mascot at co-op meetings!

  4. Alicia

    Either the knights or WWII would do nicely. We are currently studying medieval times, but my boys would opt for a soldier

  5. Heidi Cooling

    I think I love the Patriot and Medic minifigure accessories the most–because my kids would play with them all the time! LOL!

  6. Dawn OBrien

    I really like the World War II accessories. I feel like that is an era that Lego has not really done anything with and it is nice to have realistic accessories available for the study of that time period.

  7. Londa

    They are all fun sets. We will be studying the Greeks and Romans this year. I love the patriot and medic sets.

  8. Beth Walker

    My youngest has just become fascinated by the Vikings since we studied them. Even though this accessory set has horns on the Viking helmet, which we learned is not actually something the Vikings did, I think this set would be a favorite at our house.

    1. Jessica Post author

      I am glad you have been enjoying you Viking studies! We wrestled with whether or not to include the horns since they are not historically accurate. In the end we decided to include them because kids enjoy the horned helmet so much.

  9. Pattie

    They are all really cool…so hard to decide. Probably the viking and knight one would be the favorite of my kids.

  10. Brooks L.

    I, personally, love them all, but my son is a WWII history fanatic, therefore that would be my choice.
    Thank you for the giveaway, such an awesome idea!

  11. Kelly M

    The WWII pack would be perfect for our year 4 studies this year! My lower grammar student would especially enjoy these, but I bet his dialectic and rhetoric siblings would enjoy them, as well! Thank you for the opportunity!

  12. Maria

    The Medic is my favorite because these individuals rush out in the midst of battle to save their comrades and to give them the immediate medical attention they need or to be by their side as they are dying.

  13. Terri

    My favorite is the WWII American and German Soldier is my current favorite. I always found historical toys for my chldren to play with. At first I wondered how many other 6 & 7 year olds really new about the history of the medeviel period. But then I remembered we homeschool, what else should I expect. Years later my children’s favorite toys for the historical lego’s and playmobile figures.

  14. Tiffani

    We love them all and have the set from number one. But, our favorite would have to be the patriot and medic!

  15. Sarah White

    If I had to choose, I would choose all of them so I asked my kids and they all agreed that they liked the American and German soldier set the best (although they also had other favorites as well!) Good job putting these together! My kids love Legos! 🙂


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