Fabulous Educational Gifts for Your Homeschool

Here are so wonderful educational gifts for your homeschool: Ideas from Tapestry of Grace

Every parent is looking for Christmas gift ideas that are both fun for their children as well as provide fun ways to learn apart from their school day. Here are some wonderful educational gifts for your homeschool!

…And no parent likes having junk toys that have lost their interest two days later! Here are some of our favorites educational gifts that will bring joy to your home.

The Big Story Game

This is a fabulous kid’s card game that is geared toward Grammar level students. It helps them review famous characters in history, and the cards are so bright and colorful they will enjoy just looking through them! It is also meant to go along with our early elementary curriculum, Primer.The Big Story Game is a wonderful card game that reviews history in a fun, colorful way!

You can read about different ways to use this game in this post!

Lapbook Kits

If your child loves a good hands on activity, lapbooks are a perfect fit! They are colorful and fun to make. Lapbooks add so much fun to your schooling. We love using them to write about and review history!

Kids love creating their own lift the flap books, and these fit into the fun of what they are learning! They will show these off with great pride to anyone who wants to hear about what they are learning in history.Lapbooks add so much fun to your schooling. We love using them to write about and review history!

Read our review here! At only $15 per unit they are a great deal!

Pop Quiz

This is fabulous extra addition to your schooling. These Pop Quiz CD’s allow Dad to listen along to what the kids are learning.  We love adding these wonderful CD's to our history review!

Or many homeschooling parents keep the CD’s in the car for those days that they need to review history but have a lot of errands to run!

Mini Figures & Accessories

We love making historical mini figures. They help bring history to life and allow kids to recreate the stories they are hearing. We love creating historical minifigures for our Tapestry of Grace history!

Although we can’t sell every piece we make for our own collection, we have been posting a picture of one mini figure a week, so you can see what we create. Any age of brick lover will delight in these pieces!We love creating historical minifigures to go with our Tapestry of Grace history!

Read this blog post to learn where we get all our fun accessories.

Love the Journey

Finally, here is a gift for you or any homeschooling mom in your life. Love the Journey provides wonderful encouragement and help for your homeschool. It gives helpful principles to follow and questions to ask yourself, without telling you how you should homeschool or what curriculum you should use.Love the Journey is a wonderful book full of encouragement for the homeschool parent.As you enter the post-holiday days of winter, this book provides encouragement and gives you fresh vision for what God has called you to.  You can read some of the quotes we have pulled from the pages of this excellent book here!

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