Supplement Highlight: Evaluations

Tapestry of Grace offers a wonderful Evaluations packet for those who want to use tests and quizzes with their students.When you use a whole book based program that emphasizes discussion, your kids get a wonderful, rich education. But sometimes it helps them to have a way to show what they have learned. This is where we offer Evaluations for each level. This set of tests, quizzes, and exams are custom designed for each learning level of Tapestry students. These tests help you to see how much content of each lesson your children are absorbing, and can also help solidify the things they have already learned.

At the Grammar levels, the evaluations are cumulative, usually covering a few weeks at a time, where the topics have been focused on the same theme. For instance, the first three weeks of year 1 covers Egypt. So the cumulative quiz asks questions about the Pyramids, Mummies and Pharaoh, all of which were covered in those three weeks.

Evaluations at the grammar levels consist of True\False quizzes, oral quizzes, and for the Upper Grammar students, the occasional short answer questions. For all the quizzes, there are answers keys and grading guides for the teacher.

Tapestry of Grace offers a wonderful Evaluations packet for those who want to use tests and quizzes with their students.

If you want to adapt them for multiple uses, other families have also used the quiz questions to create history sentences for memory work, or they use the questions and answers to have simple copy work for their younger students.

At the Dialectic and Rhetoric Levels, Evaluations are weekly. They include short answer questions and essay questions for your student to answer. In addition to the weekly questions, there is also a review guide for the unit and a unit exam. Not only is History covered, but there is also a unit Literature test, so you can be sure your student is learning the important literature terms.

At the upper levels, we provide you, the teacher, with the tools to figure out how to best determine a grade for your student when you review their short answers or essays.

Evaluations is a fabulous tool to provide you with another way to help your student get all the benefits from the learning tools Tapestry provides!

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