Finding Books in the Library Using the Reading Assignment Charts

library-call-numbersThe Reading Assignment chart is an amazing document. It helps you see at a glance what all your children are reading on their level in a given week. But, not only does it have all the books and assignments listed, we have also filled it with all available library call numbers!Library call numbers

We all know a good library system is an invaluable resource, but finding the right books can take time. With the library call numbers listed, if you are heading to the grocery store and have five minutes to dash into the library, you can head straight to the right shelf and see if they have the book you need to finish this week’s assignments.

At the grammar levels the call numbers help tremendously because those books are easily substituted for another book. If you are looking on the library shelves for a book on ancient Egypt and they don’t have the one Tapestry assigned, you will already be near the right shelves and can grab a similar book to substitute instead!

This means that your next trip to the library can be as fast or as leisurely as you want it to be!

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