How to Organize Your Tapestry Books

Here is how I organize all my homeschooling books that I use with Tapestry of GraceOne of my favorite things about Tapestry is the whole-book education that delights my children. There are so many wonderful books to read!

But, this also means that I need to organize all the books so I know where to find them. I am sure you can sympathize with how frustrating it is to finally get everyone gathered for history reading only to realize that you can’t find the book. The system I use has helped with that immensely.

We have an odd little room in our basement that divides the guest room from the back office space. It would be an awkward arrangement for most uses, but it fits bookshelves perfectly! I store all the books that are not in the unit we are currently using on those bookshelves. To keep track of which books go where, I label the books and divide them up by year and unit.

To label the books I ordered Avery 0.75 circle labels in red, yellow, green and blue. Then, looking at the books on a shelf, I can easily see which year and level they are.Avery stickers

Unfortunately, the labels don’t stick to the spines of books well, so I put clear packing tape over top of them and now they look nice and professional.Stickers on books

I also made myself a handy cheat sheet so that I wouldn’t forget what the colors meant. The following is the color chart that I use, which I stuck on the wall next to the bookshelves.Sticker chart

Top sticker is year:

Year 1: Red

Year 2: Yellow

Year 3: Green

Year 4: Blue

Bottom sticker is level

Lower Grammar: Red

Upper Grammar: Yellow

Dialectic: Green

Rhetoric: Blue

Then I divide the books up by unit and use binders with the unit number to create a simple break.File dividers

Since I use Tapestry Digital Edition, I print up the Reading assignment chart for each week. Then I highlight each book I have on the chart and make any notes I might need. This helps when I update my DE, so I can get the current books for the new levels my children are on, but I can still remember which books I have for previous levels.


I love all the books I have to use with Tapestry, and it fills me with such joy when I see one of my kids pull a book off the Tapestry shelves, just because it looks interesting to them. But I am so glad for a simple organization system since, inevitably, they forget where the books go when they are done!

One thought on “How to Organize Your Tapestry Books

  1. Heidi

    Thanks for showing how you organize your books. I love to know how others categorize–especially when pictures are involved. I am clearly a visual learner!

    I am a librarian, so I have always labeled my home library with colored dots! In fact, now I can order more colors online (I live rurally so hard to find many options). I used to color all mine by subject (i.e. green for science, blue for math, etc.), and then might add something else like a star for faith books, as well. Sometimes I combined colors when the book spanned more than one subject.

    But I love how you marked them specifically by year and by unit and by level. This is my first year of classical education (specifically TOG), so this helps a lot.


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