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     Here at Tapestry of Grace, we love combining history with hands-on learning. So, when I first heard about History Unboxed I was intrigued by what it offers: subscription and on-demand boxes filled with crafts for different historical periods. My second oldest loves any hands on crafts she can find so I am regularly on the lookout for things that will bring history and hands-on activities together.

Emma History Unboxed

I was delighted to discover that History Unboxed has options for a range of time periods. Some of my favorite boxes that line up nicely with Tapestry Year 1 are:

They also have an Anglo-Saxon box that would fit well with Year 2, Weeks 1-2 and they will be adding medieval and American history boxes. For each time period, you have your choice of two age levels: you can get a box for ages 5-9 or for ages 10-15. If you have a teenager who loves hand-on learning, this option offers so much more for them than just “little kid” crafts.

We received two boxes, one from each age group, for Ancient Australia. Our family had just learned about Australia at the Grammar levels of Tapestry of Grace Year 3, so I thought a box about it would be a fun history enrichment activity to do with my daughters (aged 8, 6, and 4).

The boxes had a number of educational materials that I loved!  There was a paper explaining the history of ancient Australia, a cartoon for my children to read and color, and a letter written to them from children “visiting” that time period. These printed pages served beautifully as teaching aids—they helped me begin to explain to my daughters about ancient Australia. The box also included a list of book recommendations, though I chose to use our Tapestry books on Australia instead.

History Unboxed spray art

Then we started on the crafts. Out of the box came a boomerang for my girls to decorate, as well as drawing paper and aboriginal paints! There were age-appropriate coloring pictures in each box, and a fun lollipop with ants in it.  The girls were both grossed-out and fascinated by the lollipops.  However, once I convinced them that ants were safe to eat, everyone wanted to try one!History Unboxed craft box

Many parents are eager to incorporate crafts with their children, but not all of us find it easy to gather ideas and materials. History Unboxed provides an answer for that problem—an answer that I loved! Their wonderful activities directly connected my children with a time and place in history. I was also impressed to find that the activities we received were not crafts that I could pick up at a craft store. They were unique and well-thought-out.

You can buy one box at a time from History Unboxed (and they are always adding new boxes)—or you can set up a subscription to receive a new box every month. Imagine having a package full of historical hands-on goodies just show up on your doorstep!

There is one thing to note: History Unboxed expects each box to be used with one child, so for multiple children you would need to purchase add on items. Fortunately, they now offer a sibling add on option if you subscribe to their boxes so that you can receive extra materials at a reduced rate.

We loved this product. If you prefer not to invent or collect materials for hands-on activities, but still want them for your students, History Unboxed may be just the thing for you!

(Disclosure: I received two boxes from History Unboxed in exchange for this honest review.)

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