Introducing “How to Customize Tapestry”


year_4_map_of_the_humanitiesIt’s October, which means that many of us are nearing the end of our first unit. Possibly this is your first year with Tapestry and you have a steep New Curriculum learning curve. Perhaps you’ve used Tapestry for awhile but are now tackling a new learning level. Maybe the activities that seemed like such a great idea when you signed your student up for them in the summer are now taking far more of your time than you budgeted. Maybe you’ve just hit high school (gulp). Or maybe everything is going just fine!

Whatever your situation, October is a fine time to pause and think about how the school year is going. Do you remember what your original goals were? Are you satisfied that you’re meeting them? Also, did you wind up with as much or as little time as you thought you would? How’s the schedule? Do you need to make any adjustments? We affectionally call this the “Homeschool Three-Step” (remember goals, assess resources, make adjustments).

We value the opportunity in October to make small course adjustments on the journey so that we won’t find ourselves exhausted, discouraged, and way behind when the holidays are over.

Some of us will assess our school year and be greatly encouraged. We are following the map; we are on schedule; we are loving this journey! But others of us feel that we’ve gotten lost or fallen behind. We might think, “I’m doing Tapestry WRONG!!”

There are various reasons for this. Sometimes unexpected life events or circumstances that have derailed the fall school schedule. Sometimes it’s just the difference between what we imagined and the reality that we confront. Whatever the reason, we recognize that a course correction is needed.

There are many different ways to make adjustments to Tapestry. Some involve understanding the program better: learning its goals and principles, as well as its design and intended function. Some adjustments have to do with making a decision to let some things go so that we can do the more important things well. Other adjustments are about doing things that might seem “wrong,” but are actually just applying Tapestry to our home school so that it fulfills the same goals in different ways.

Just as you wear your hair up on some days or down around your shoulders on others, so Tapestry can be worn in a number of different ‘do’s’ that all work—as long as they do help you on the journey of a great education! Here at Lampstand Press, we want both to help you understand how to do Tapestry “as written” and to help you explore Tapestry “as applied” in a variety of creative ways. One of the wonderful things about Tapestry is its design; another is its flexibility! Detours are fine if they still get you to the destination.

For the next few weeks, we will be doing a series where we will share some of our favorite ways in which experienced teachers have been happily “doing Tapestry wrong” in a way that gets them to the same destination. In each, we will point out the underlying goals or principles of the Tapestry program and show how these parents are actually using the curriculum to meet their families’ needs. Where appropriate, we may point out what we originally intended, as well as provide tips and other resources.

We hope it will be fun and helpful for you! Keep an eye out for our first article on the goals and different ‘do’s of how to integrate Tapestry subjects, called “Creative Uses for Supplements.”

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