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Using Vocabulary Words

Submitted by on August 6, 2013 – 4:34 pm2 Comments

I just love reading about all the creative ways that homeschoolers choose to use Tapestry’s educational buffet. Recently, for instance, I was reading through posts on The Loose Threads Yahoogroup, and they got onto the topic of using our weekly Vocabulary lists.

We, the authors of Tapestry, take these words from the lower- and upper-grammar level books for the week. We don’t give specific instruction on how to use them; our idea is that moms might want to introduce them before the week begins so that when the new words are encountered by the student in their readings, they’ll know what they mean. Some parents also will introduce them at the start of the week and then use them to check the student’s comprehension of both words and readings at the week’s end.

Leanne Lancaster wrote about a brilliant idea (I thought) for another way to use these lists, and gave me permission to quote her.

“The last two years I added several of them to my LG’s spelling tests. Midway through the year we began using his whole list to practice his cursive writing. For us that worked really well and was something he asked to keep this year even when we changed up our spelling and moved him to Upper Grammar. As he was writing the words I would make sure he knew what each word was and what it meant, then as we were reading he would be able to pick those words out in the stories when he saw them.”

What a great way to use one discipline (handwriting practice) to reinforce another one (learning new vocabulary). If you have adapted Tapestry elements in a creative way that works for your children, would you take a minute to comment and share with the rest of us, please?


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